‘Ringer’ Review: She’s Ruining Everything

Last week was the series premiere of Ringer. I honestly liked it, but I was definitely still on the fence about it. I gave it another try, and I’m glad I did. Last night’s episode had my jaw on the floor, and it had me yelling at my TV. I must admit, there were a few things I didn’t really like, but overall I loved this episode.

Last night’s episode begins right where it left off. Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) killed a man in self defence, and she’s pretty much just freaking out. No judging on that, I would be too, but honestly? Bridget is really stupid. First off, you shoot someone, and start dragging them? Do you think their blood is invisible? Also, trying to wipe up the blood with a cover wrap? No comment.

As Bridget’s trying to hide the evidence, Gemma (Tara Summers) walks in. Don’t worry, though, she’s really oblivious. All she notices is the huge hole on the wall. We can all have a sigh of relief.

Once Bridget gets back to Siobhan’s home, she finally tries to leave! Even if someone tried to kill me, it would be really hard for me to leave. I mean, being married to Ioan Gruffudd? Who would give that up? I guess his charm has absolutely no effect on her. She still tries to leave, but none of her excuses work.

“I might take a walk.” -Bridget
“At midnight? Pregnant? I don’t think so.” -Andrew
“I just wanted some fresh air.” -Bridget
“Well, then go out on the terrace… It’s not just you anymore, Siob. You have to think for two now.” -Andrew

Darn that nonexistent baby!

During this episode, Ringer started to elaborate on not only Bridget’s past drinking problem, but also on Olivia’s (Zoey Deutch) current alcohol/drug problems.

“I used to know a girl who partied a little too much. She did it, because she felt alone. And it sucked that no one told her that she didn’t have to feel that way. I don’t want that for you.” -Bridget

Later, this leads to an extremely touching moment. Olivia is in the bathroom, crying her eyes out. It’s been established that she hates Siobhan, but during this scene she let her walls come down.
“What do you want me to do?” -Bridget
“Just don’t leave.” -Olivia

Was I the only one tearing up at this part? Just as Bridget was about to have her way out, she decides to stay and comfort Olivia.

Definitely my favorite part of the episode.

Mostly, this episode consisted of Bridget’s struggle in hiding the murder and trying to get the hell out of town. All is going well. The loft is closed down due to the wall, Bridget took money out of Siobhan’s emergency account, the dead body is hidden in the loft, and she is just about ready to hit the road. Well, until she gets a call from Andrew suggesting they move a party to the loft. Uh oh. Dead body + parties = No fun.

Inevitably, the party goes on. Luckily, Bridget got in soon enough to hide the body in a trunk. All is well until a phone starts ringing. In the trunk. Okay, I’ve said this before, but it must be stated again. Bridget. Is. REALLY. Stupid. Instead of keeping cool, she’s freaking out, which only brings more attention to herself!

“Call me crazy, but I think there’s a reason you’re keeping people out of this place.” -Victor (Nestor Carbonell)

The quote above explains exactly how I feel. Although, I believe that Victor thinks that ‘Siobhan’ is hiding her twin there. This is something I’m looking forward to seeing.

As the episode is coming to an end, Bridget makes her way back to the loft, leaving Malcolm (Mike Colter) a message.

“My bag’s packed, I have the money, I’m all set to go. I just, I can’t. For the first time in my life, I’m not the one leaning on people. People here need Siobhan to stay, and I need to stay here for Siobhan.” -Bridget

As Bridget is getting ready to head back to the house, she decides to dispose of the dead body… Only, it’s not there anymore. Uh oh. The plot thickens!

Rating: A


  • Has Ringer won you over yet?
  • What was your favorite moment during last night’s episode?
  • Why do you think Siobhan left her life behind?


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