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Home TV ‘The Lying Game’ Review: Escape From Sutton Island
‘The Lying Game’ Review: Escape From Sutton Island

‘The Lying Game’ Review: Escape From Sutton Island


I think we can all agree that The Lying Game gets more intense after every episode. I love guessing at what might possibly happen next, but in all honesty, I’m usually wrong. The Lying Game definitely thinks outside of the box, and I’m loving it!

There were more than a few shocking moments during this episode. During this week’s episode, The Lying Game didn’t wait a minute to jump into the drama! Here are some of my favorite moment’s from this week’s episode, Escape From Sutton Island!

1. Sutton:
Last week’s episode left us with a huge cliff-hanger. Sutton (Alexandra Chando), as she finally finds her mother, gets snatched up! I was extremely anxious to figure out what happened to her! Luckily, we don’t have to wait long before finding out.

“This is ridiculous, and not to mention illegal! I have rights! I came to find my birth mother, and you have held me here overnight against my will!” -Sutton

Yeah, turns out that Sutton has been taken in as a psychiatric patient. I was not expecting this! I actually thought something worse might have happened, but luckily I was wrong. Though, this does seem like a pretty messed up situation. The only thing worse is the reason why she’s stuck in the center. Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar), AKA the most evil daddy in the world, set her up! Of course he knew she would show up, but he actually managed to convince the doctors that she was insane. That she was impersonating the ‘real’ Sutton Mercer. Well, one thing’s for sure, Alec Rybak is an evil genius.

2. Alec Rybak:
What can I say? I love to hate him, and I really hate to love him. Throughout the season we’ve started to learn a lot about Alec Rybak. For one, he definitely has a few skeleton’s in his closet. He’s connected with Annie, and he doesn’t want anyone finding her. We also start to learn what lengths he’d take to ensure that he gets his way. First off, it’s his fault that Sutton is in a mental facility! Not only that, but I’m almost positive that he’s the reason Eduardo (Rick Malambri) is in a coma. It’s obvious that he’s not afraid to kill. I’m just hoping it won’t resort to that!

3. Emma, Ethan, and Thayer:
What do we even call this? This goes way beyond the average love triangle. First, it was Sutton, Ethan (Blair Redford), and Emma. Next, Thayer (Christian Alexander), Sutton, and Ethan. Now it’s Ethan, Emma, and Thayer? Or should we just throw in Sutton, because it all leads back to her? What? My head hurts. One thing’s for sure, this is a very profound love triangle.

“I get it, dude. She’s just like Sutton.” -Thayer
“But better.” -Ethan

I know that Thayer and Emma have barely known each other, but I just know that Thayer’s going to fall for her. I mean, it’s been happening all season. Everyone seems to love Sutton a lot more when it’s actually Emma. If Sutton comes back, I’m guessing she won’t be happy about this.

4. Laurel and Justin:
Obviously. This was completely inevitable. First off, I’m in LOVE with Randy Wayne. Also, Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Justin (Randy Wayne) are so cute! I can’t even. During this week’s episode Laurel decides that Justin is ‘the one’. Aw! She surprises Justin in his ‘house’ by stealing a bottle of wine, laying down some blankets, and lighting a few candles. Though, Justin had something to say.

“The truth is…” -Justin

I honestly started giggling here. How many secrets can one guy have?

“I’m really starting to fall for you, Laurel.” -Justin

Aw! Okay, Justin is the Romeo to Laurel’s Juliet. I love them together. I vote that nothing breaks them up ever. Sadly, Laurel didn’t plan everything out. She stays out until 2AM, which results in her parents tracking her phone. To the foreclosed house. If I was in her situtation, I would just tell my parents that the house is their safe house, their meet-up place. It’s called The Lying Game for a reason!

5. The Switch:
In the pilot of this series, Emma took over Sutton’s place, but Sutton had no intention of taking Emma’s. Too bad it didn’t work that way. Alec Rybak set her up, made her seem as though she was trying to take over her twins life. This landed Sutton in a mental hospital.

“No! You start opening up, telling things to Char and Mads. There going to know I’m not Sutton.” -Emma

“Well, maybe it’s time. I mean, you feel terrible, and I don’t like lying to my sister.” -Thayer

“I’m not ready, okay? I’m not ready to lose all this.” -Emma

This dialog foreshadows a few events. When Sutton tells the nurse to call her home, they ask to speak to Sutton. When they ask Emma if she’s Sutton, she says yes. This may be what she’s supposed to do, but I have a feeling that Sutton won’t be too happy when she sees Emma. She’s already convinced that Emma wants to take over her life, imagine what she’s thinking now.

To make matters worse, Sutton is forced to go back home. At least back to Emma’s home. Seeing as Emma tried running from the cops, and that she has nowhere to stay, I’m sure that juvie’s the only option. Sutton Mercer in juvie? Can you imagine?

The Lying Game gets better every week. If you’re not watching it, I suggest you find a way of watching the episodes! There are only two episodes left until the fall finale, and I’m sure we’re all going to be clutching onto our seats. Seriously, guys. Watch. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: B+


  • What was your favorite moment during this week’s episode?
  • Who’s your favorite Lying Game guy?
  • Who are your favorite couples on the show and why?
  • What do you think will happen with Sutton?
  • How do you feel about Alec Rybak?
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