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Home TV ‘The Lying Game’ Review: Never Have I Ever
‘The Lying Game’ Review: Never Have I Ever

‘The Lying Game’ Review: Never Have I Ever


This show is so addictive! Honestly, can it be next Monday already? Last night’s episode really defined the title. There was so much lying going on, it was hard to keep track. From Ted, to Justin (shocker), to Emma, everyone had something to hide.

It’s safe to say that I had a lot of favorite moments this episode. A little Justin/Laurel love, along with Ethan being protective. Not to mention, Sutton in juvie, and we cannot forget Miss Annie Hobbs. Where do I begin?

1. Travis:
How do I even begin to explain how much I dislike Travis (Kenneth Miller)? It’s not even like Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar), where I love to hate him. No, it is downright loathing. He’s just… He’s gross.

“You look hot, Emma. Who knew the combination of white trash and social poser could be such a turn-on.” -Travis

Like I said, gross. First off, Travis tries to steal from Emma (Alexandra Chando). Emma does the right thing by giving him worthless jewelry. That doesn’t settle too well with him. He goes to pawn it, and realizes that it’s fake. He soon goes back and tries to sexually assault Emma. Not cool. Thank you, Kenneth Miller, for making me yell at my TV.

2. Ethan:
Given. I loved Ethan (Blair Redford) during this episode. He was the caring, protective, and slightly jealous not boyfriend.

“Look, I realized I screwed up, alright? You and I make a pretty good team. Just let me help you.” -Ethan

Definite ‘aww-worthy’ moment. He really cares about her, it’s obvious, but he’s not too happy when he sees Emma kissing someone else. Well, technically Travis attacked her mouth, but Ethan thought she was kissing him. Confusion sucks. This throws them into this whole ordeal, which eventually leads to a drunk Emma, a pissed off Ethan, a pervy Travis, and a game of Never Have I Ever! Sounds fun, no?

3. Thayer:
Let me start by saying how much I adore Thayer (Christian Alexander). He’s the sweetest guy ever. What landed him in my ‘favorite’ section, was the fact that he’s so selfless.

“You two were made for each other. Let someone be happy, right?” -Thayer

Thayer decided to text Ethan, telling him to get his ‘sorry ass’ over to the party to hang with Emma. I’ve said this once, and I’ll probably say it a million more times. I LOVE Thayer!

4. Justin:
No, it’s not a coincidence that the hottest guys on The Lying Game are part of my ‘favorite moments’ list. Justin (Randy Wayne), I have no words. First off, lie after lie after lie. If he wasn’t so attractive and charming, I would dislike his character. Maybe.

Laurel (Allie Gonino) is head-over-heels in love with him. When her parents go out of town, she throws a small party with Sutton, then later leaves to stay over a Justin’s place. The place that her father hooked him up with. As she’s over there, she tries to open a box, only for Justin to subtle freak out.

“Don’t you know what curiosity did to the cat?… He got her a pretty awesome present.” -Justin

Okay, I fell right back in love with Justin. Yet, from the look on Ted Mercer’s face when he saw the gift Justin gave Laurel, he had obviously seen it before. Questions are arising. Not only that, but when Justin opened the box again later, he pulled out a picture of Laurel and her family. Possibly just showing how lonely he is without his family, but this is a TV show. There has got to be some drama to it.

5. The Parents:
Alec Rybak, Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley), Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards)… I’m in love with this twisted love triangle, if you can even call it that. In the last episode, Mama Hobbs started freaking out over hearing that Emma’s alive. I was disappointed when she didn’t believe Sutton, but during this episode it is revealed that she DID believe Sutton! This results in a call to Alec.

“You’ve lied to me. All this time you’ve let me believe that I killed my daughter.” -Annie Hobbs

Oh snap! To make matters worse, an old acquaintance spilled a pretty big secret to Mama Mercer (Helen Slater)!

“I haven’t seen you guys since that insane weekend in Santa Barbara, gotta be twenty years! [To Kristin Mercer] Annie, right?” -Tom List AKA Drunk guy

Darn random drunk guys! Now, Kristin is extremely suspicious. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Annie has snuck out of the mental hospital. In all honesty, I’m really nervous about this! We don’t necessarily know what she’s capable of. Yeah, kind of scared.

6. Sutton:
I don’t even know where to begin! Her whole storyline is messed up, in a good way. She’s been sent to live in Emma’s life…. In juvie.

“Hey, mom and dad. You should know that the girl living in my room right now, and calling herself Sutton, isn’t me. She’s stolen my identity, my family, and friends, and I’m now afraid of how far she’ll go to keep me from taking my life back.” -Sutton (Writing a letter)

Talk about a misunderstanding of epic proportions! I guess I sort of understand, Sutton in juvie just doesn’t mix. Can you imagine Paris Hilton is juvie? Oh wait…

Somewhere along the way, someone decides to bail Sutton out. Turns out Alec Rybak did it. I guess, since Sutton is far away from her birth-mother, Alec thinks that it’s safe to bring her home… Only he doesn’t. Instead, she gets into the car with a complete stranger (Emma’s best friend). Sigh. No comment on that.

As always, I LOVED this episode! Everything about it. I’m so excited for next week! Only one episode until the fall finale, and I honestly cannot wait! The Lying Game gets better every week. It’s addictive. Like I said last week, if you’re not watching, I’d do so quick! Don’t miss out on an amazing series!

Rating: A+


  • What was your favorite moment?
  • How far do you think Annie Hobbs will go?
  • What do you think will happen to Sutton?
  • How much longer do you think Emma’s going to be able to keep up the charade?
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    1. loved the episode, but it left me with so many questions… 1- what was ethan doing back at sutton’s house in the middle of the night (he already knew she passed out on the bed)2- why was the only phone all the way in the kitchen? i would think a house like that you would have one in every room (including the bedroom) 3- why does thayer have ethan’s phone number? 4- how did annie escape a locked down mental hospital?


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