‘Ringer’ Review: It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It

I think it’s safe to say that this episode of Ringer had enough drama to last a lifetime. Last night’s episode immediately pulls us in.

“What have you done with Siobhan?” -Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd)

I have to admit, my jaw was on the floor. Though, I knew something was off. My first instinct was that she was having a dream. After Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) turns around and faces a very dead, wet, and blue Siobhan, she wakes up. Sigh of relief! I’m not ready for anyone to find out about Bridget.

It’s Siobhan and Bridget’s birthday, and they can cry if they want to. I don’t know why they would, seeing as one twin is spending her birthday in Paris, while the other is spending it with the gorgeous, Andrew, in the Hamptons.

Paris, France: Joyeux anniversaire, Siobhan!

In the previous episode, Siobhan sets her sites on a very handsome tourist. A Mr. Tyler Barrett (Justin Bruenin). Sadly, as they were just about to dot dot dot, she got a sudden case of morning sickness, rushing him out of the room. Apparently, Tyler doesn’t enjoy being shoved out of hotel rooms, because he wasn’t too pleased when he saw Siobhan. She tried to explain, but he won’t hear it. Well, until she has a not-so-pleasant encounter with the hotel concierge concerning payment. (Remember Bridget accidentally cleaning out her Paris fund?) Luckily, Tyler was there to whisk her away. Aw.

They decide to sit down and chat about Paris, husbands, birthdays, and draining accounts. After Siobhan admits that she is miserable on her birthday, Tyler decides to brighten her day. We can only imagine. The next time we see Siobhan, she’s in Tyler’s hotel room. He’s really earning points, because he basically paid for Siobhan’s stay at the hotel. We seem to know a little bit about Siobhan, like how she takes advantage. Turns out she was planning the whole thing, and she stole the accounts number from Tyler’s briefcase. Sneaky.

The Hamptons: Happy Birthday, Bridget!

Where do I begin? Bridget’s birthday was definitely eventful, not to mention probably the best birthday, and worse, she’s ever had. She arrives at the Hamptons, getting her bag from the first episode, and meeting Andrew at the house. Just as I was getting all excited about the one-on-one time between Andrew and Bridget, Gemma (Tara Summers) and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) arrive. They make quite an entrance. Gemma decides to lash out at Henry by throwing a vase at him. Honestly, I’m getting pretty sick of Gemma going on and on about Henry cheating. Whenever she’s on screen, that’s all she talks about.

As the weekend goes on, it gets pretty awkward, seeing as her husband and her ex-lover are under the same roof. Not good. Somewhere along the way, Henry expresses his feelings to her, saying that he’s in love with Siobhan. This moment was cute for about three seconds, then we realize that Gemma was listening. Now, she knows that her husband has been cheating on her with her best friend, and that Siobhan’s baby is possibly his. Uh oh.

To make matters even worse, Victor (Nestor Carbonell) decides to crash the party. He does that a lot. He confronts Bridget about… Bridget. It’s obvious that he won’t let this go, and it’s obvious that Bridget’s not willing to let go of Siobhan’s identity.

The big cliffhanger of last night’s episode was Gemma confronting Bridget about her affair with Henry. Gemma threatens to tell Andrew (NO!), which leads to Bridget coming clean.

“I’m not who you think I am! I’m not Siobhan. I’m Bridget.” -Bridget

And the plot thickens.

Okay, I loved last night’s episode, though it could have used a bit more Ioan Gruffudd in it. What really made this episode stick out to me, was the constant flashbacks. It really drew the story together, and broadened the audiences views on the characters relationships. I especially loved how much emphasis they put on the necklace Bridget and Siobhan bought when they were little. ‘It’s Gonna Kill Me, but I’ll Do It’ was probably one of my favorite episodes so far. It really has me pumped for next week!

Rating: A


  • What was your favorite part about this episode?
  • How do you think Gemma will react to Bridget’s news?
  • Do you prefer Andrew or Henry?


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  1. i love henry, although i do feel bad for andrew he does seem to be making an effort with his fake wife..lol.. the last 10 minutes was the best. so glad someone knows the truth. cant wait to see how gemma reacts to everything