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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is an American actor, director, and producer. While he is best known for roles in Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, and The Bridges of Madison County, Eastwood rose to fame with the TV series Rawhide. With over 65 years of acting under his belt, Eastwood has 72 acting credits to his name since 1955. Not only that, but he has also won five Academy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards, and has been nominated countless times.

However, it’s not just his work in front of the camera that has contributed to his success. Clint Eastwood’s net worth has also been impacted by his work as a director and producer, on which he has focused in the later years of his career. As of 2022, he’s directed 45 projects and produced 53 projects. Additionally, he also has also invested in Pebble Beach Golf Links, and he, not surprisingly, owns a number of properties.

Read on to discover Clint Eastwood’s most successful projects and also trace his career from the beginning till the present day.

Clint Eastwood
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Early Life

Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born in San Francisco, California, on May 31, 1930. His parents were Clinton Eastwood Sr. and Ruth Wood. He also has a younger sister named Jeanne.
His family moved around a lot when he was a child. However, they eventually settled down in Piedmont, California.

Eastwood would attend Piedmont Middle School, where he performed poorly, academics-wise. Later, he would attend Piedmont High School. But, he was expelled due to several incidents that resulted in his transferring to Oakland Technical High School.

According to Eastwood, he had plans to attend Seattle University. However, the Korean War came up, and he was drafted. Eastwood has spoken about his time in the war, recounting a plane crash into the ocean. He was on a Douglas AD bomber that ran out of fuel. Eastwood and the pilot swam 2 miles to shore with the aid of a life raft.

Clint Eastwood Career
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Acting Career

Clint Eastwood has been acting in movies since 1955, starting with many uncredited roles in the first three years. He gradually got better parts, like in The First Traveling Saleslady and Lafayette Escadrille. Ironically, it was his role as “The Man with No Name” in the 1964 film A Fistful of Dollars that made his name known in the acting industry.

He also starred as Rowdy Yates in the TV series Rawhide for a total of episodes between 1959 and 1965. It’s reported that in the series’ early seasons, Eastwood made about $700 per episode, which would equal roughly $6,000 in today’s dollars.

Eastwood received a paycheck of $15,000 for his performance. He would reprise this role in two more films, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. For these two subsequent films, he earned $50,000 and $250,000.

Throughout the 1960s, Eastwood starred in several more Westerns like Hang ‘Em High, Where Eagles Dare, and Paint Your Wagon.

Dirty Harry
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

Dirty Harry

1971 was a big year for Eastwood. This was the year when he had his directorial debut in Play Misty for Me, in which he also played the lead role opposite Jessica Walter. This was also the year that the first Dirty Harry movie was released. With a budget of $4 million, the film went on to gross more than $35 million worldwide.

In 1980, Eastwood received a salary of $12 million for Any Which Way You Can, which was unheard of at the time. A few years later, he received a paycheck of $4 million for City Heat.

Clint Eastwood’s net worth was slowly rising steadily with no shortage of acting and directing work lining up. And by 1982, he had also taken on the role of producer with the establishment of his production company Malpaso, which he had actually founded in 1967. Malpaso’s first film was 1988’s The Dead Pool, which also starred Liam Neeson.

The Dead Pool
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

While Eastwood had received uncredited executive producer roles in a number of films before 1982, it was in 1982 that he received his first official producer credit. That credit was for the movie Firefox, in which Eastwood also starred. Firefox had a budget of $21 million, and it grossed over $46 million worldwide.

Throughout the rest of the 1980s, Eastwood continued showing his acting versatility by appearing in films from multiple genres. He starred in the Western film Pale Rider, the war film Heartbreak Ridge, and the action comedy Pink Cadillac.

Unforgiven / Photo Credit: Warner Brothers


One of Eastwood’s biggest directorial successes, Unforgiven earned him his first Academy Awards, one for Best Director and one for Best Picture. He was also nominated for Best Actor. Additionally, the film, which also starred Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, also won him Best Director at the Golden Globes and from the Directors Guild of America. This blockbuster raked in just shy of $160 million at the global box office.

The Bridges of Madison County 

Eastwood also starred in, directed, and produced the 1995 film The Bridges of Madison County. The romantic drama made an impressive $182 million in worldwide ticket sales on a budget of only $22 million.

The Bridges of Madison County
The Bridges of Madison County / Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

Million Dollar Baby 

Nearly a decade later, after numerous successful films, Eastwood starred in, directed, and produced Million Dollar Baby. The movie would receive four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, and would also take home Best Picture at the Golden Globes.

Awards aside, the film was also massively successful at the box office, earning a whopping $216.8 million globally on its $30 million budget. Eastwood would then take a brief hiatus from acting after the film to concentrate more on directing and producing for the next four years.

Clint Eastwood at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Gran Torino

When Eastwood next appeared on the big screen, it was for another critically acclaimed blockbuster. In Gran Torino, he plays the character of Walt Kowalski. It’s Eastwood’s second-highest-grossing film to date (if you don’t count 1995’s Casper, for which Eastwood was uncredited), earning $270 million at the box office on its $55 million budget.

Eastwood directed and produced the film as well, collecting revenues from the film in multiple capacities. Needless to say, this film was a significant contributor to Clint Eastwood’s net worth overall.

Clint Eastwood
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American Sniper (2014)

In 2014, Eastwood directed and produced the war drama film American Sniper. It’s Eastwood’s highest-grossing film of his career, raking in $547.5 million on a budget of $59 million.

Sully (2016)

2016 brought the biopic Sully, which stars Tom Hanks. The film was another box office hit for Eastwood, who was the director and producer. On a budget of $60 million, the film earned just over $240 million at the global box office.

Sully Premiere
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Recent Work

In the latter part of 2020, Eastwood starred in, directed, and produced the Western drama Cry Macho for Warner Bros. It was a commercial flop, making only $16.4 million, which was less than half of the reported $33 million budget.

Other Ventures

In 1999, Eastwood became one of the primary investors in the Pebble Beach Golf Links. Between himself and his partners, Peter Ueberroth, Arnold Palmer, and Richard Ferris, they put in around $20 million each. And in the coming days, they were able to bring on 132 more private investors to join the group, each contributing between $2 and $10 million to the investment. The course sold for $820 million in total, the sale closing in just 10 days.

Today, according to Peter Ueberroth, the investment has tripled in value. This investment adds around $60 million to Clint Eastwood’s net worth overall.

Clint Eastwood
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Real Estate

Several multimillion-dollar properties across California contribute to Clint Eastwood’s net worth. To cite just a few, there is his main Bel Air home, his Carmel-by-the-Sea estate, and his Rising River Ranch in Burney. Eastwood also owns properties in Maui and Sun Valley, Idaho.

Christina Sandera, Clint Eastwood, and Alison Eastwood
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Personal Life

Eastwood has been married and divorced twice and has had no shortage of romantic relationships throughout his life. He also has eight children in total. However, Eastwood has always been reticent about his family during media interviews.

Eastwood’s first wife was Margaret Neville Johnson, whom he married in 1953. Even during their courtship and all throughout the couple’s marriage, Eastwood had numerous affairs, two of which resulted in daughters Laurie and Kimber. Johnson did bear him two children as well, a son Kyle and a daughter Alison.

In 1975, while still married to Johnson, Eastwood began a relationship with actress and director Sondra Locke. The two lived together, but it wasn’t until 1984 that Eastwood divorced Johnson.

Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher
Clint Eastwood and Francis Fisher / Photo Credit: Bart Sherkow

In the late 1980s, Eastwood had two children – Scott and Kathryn– with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. He and Locke separated in 1989 and sued Eastwood for fraud and palimony. A few years later, Clint had another daughter, Francesca, with actress Frances Fisher.

Eastwood’s second marriage was in 1996 and it was with newscaster Dina Ruiz. Their marriage lasted 18 years. However, it ended in divorce in 2014. Together, they have a daughter, Morgan.

Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood at the World Premiere of Gran Torino
Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz / Photo Credit: s_bukley

As of today, Eastwood is reportedly dating Christina Sandera, whom he met in 2014. The couple met at the Mission Ranch Hotel, where Sandera was working as a hostess at the time.

Clint Eastwood Net Worth
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Clint Eastwood’s Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Clint Eastwood’s net worth is estimated at $375 million. His net worth largely comes from his acting, producing, and directing work. However, his real estate investments as well as his Pebble Beach investment also impact that number.

At 92 years old, most would probably expect Eastwood to be retiring. However, the star has said repeatedly that he doesn’t plan on slowing down. With that being said, Eastwood doesn’t currently have any projects in the works according to IMDB.


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