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Home TV Dancing With The Stars 13.16 Recap
Dancing With The Stars 13.16 Recap

Dancing With The Stars 13.16 Recap


Everyone always talks about how much it’s gotta hurt to be kicked off a show like Dancing first, but I always think getting kicked off just before the end has got to hurt just as much. After eight weeks, last night’s results episode gave someone the boot right before the semi-finals.

Here’s how the leader board looked Monday night:

1. J.R. and Karina – 60
2. Hope and Maks – 52
2. Ricki and Derek – 52
3. Rob and Cheryl – 51
4. Nancy and Tristan – 44

There was no encore dance this week, so we went right into backstage clips and the first set of results. J.R. and Hope were both safe, but Rob was in jeopardy.

DanceCenter, the SportsCenter spoof featuring Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len, was back this season. These segments are usually amusing, and I enjoy the gentle teasing. It’s childish (like all three of them trying to trick Tristan into saying “third” because it comes out “turd” with the heavy Irish accent), but it’s not exactly a high brow show, folks.

Andrea Bocelli performed next, followed by more DanceCenter (which gave us proof that Dancing really is Maks’ show!), and then the Macy’s Stars of Dance Performance. This week it was a tribute to Micheal Jackson from Cirque Du Soleil, which was especially timely, given that Micheal Jackson’s murder trial just ended. I honestly still can’t believe he’s dead. It’s as surreal as he was in life.

Anyway… Flo Rida took over the stage for a few minutes before we got back to the results. Ricki was safe, which left Nancy in the bottom two with Rob.

Who went home? Nancy.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to ground you all like I threatened.

Nancy had a good run, really a better run than she should have had. I’m glad not to have to feel like I’m repeating myself about her every week, but the downside is that Tristan is gone too. It was his first season on the show, and he was sweet, patient and funny. I enjoyed watching him bicker with Nancy, and I really hope he comes back next season. I already can’t wait to see him again.


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