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Home TV Dancing With The Stars 13.18 Semi-Finals Results Review
Dancing With The Stars 13.18 Semi-Finals Results Review

Dancing With The Stars 13.18 Semi-Finals Results Review


Next week is the much anticipated finals of this season of Dancing With The Stars, so of course last night was the much anticipated elimination to decide who was going to be in the final three. I was concerned for J.R. before I looked at the scores last night, but seeing that he actually fell eleven points behind the leader and nine points behind second place worried me more. Sure, Hope was still seven points behind him, but it surprised me. I knew he had a bad night, but didn’t realize quite how bad.

Here’s where the leader board stood Monday night:

1. Ricki and Derek – 67
2. Rob and Cheryl – 65
3. J.R. and Karina – 56
4. Hope and Maks – 49

Rob and Cheryl got the encore dance with their samba, and the crowd loved it again, including me and the dogs at home. Okay, actually, I loved it; they just looked at me like I was crazy when I started bopping along to the music in my seat. Rob and Cheryl, of course, were told they were safe right after the dance.

Cobra Starship performed, and then Hope and Maks were up on stage next… annnnd we got a bunch of backstage clips of them swearing a lot about the judges. I guess you could say it was uncalled for, but I also have to think it’s a defense mechanism. Obviously they had a lot of problems, so maybe their solidarity against “the man” makes them feel better. Anyway, they were deemed in jeopardy, which was not unexpected.

Also, they showed Maks’ smile from the night before, the one that bothered Carrie Ann, and I think she overreacted.

Carson came back for a segment about the costumes, and then the Design A Dance performance was finally upon us. It was Derek and Anna doing a paso doble to Lady Gaga, and considering I love all of those things individually, it’s no surprise I loved the performance.

The next performance was another one of Dancing’s inspiring stories series. A group of young men who had been bullied for being male dancers growing up danced with some of the professionals. It’s was ‘meh’, but I always like to see Lacey. Much more exciting was the next dance, which featured The Muppets. It’s always great seeing them come back with new movies!

Next Ricki was safe, which left J.R. in the bottom two with Hope. Again, no surprises.

Who went home? Hope.

What was amazing about this elimination? When Maks was asked for his thoughts, he admitted that he wished he could have done better for Hope. Seriously? Is Maks finally realizing that not every student will respond well to his aggressive teaching style? Because really, I think Hope and Maks failed because they didn’t learn to work together until too late. It was very big of him, maybe uncharacteristically big of him, to admit that. Maybe our little Maks is finally becoming a man! Then again, it’s too early to tell.

Anyway, so long, Hope. I wish Maks could have been better for you too.

Now the rest of you stars, bring on the freestyle!


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