‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: The Shepherd

If Once Upon A Time still hasn’t hooked you in yet, for some odd reason, last night’s episode should have done it! I could explain “The Shepherd” is so many words. Amazing, charming, fantastic, heartbreaking, shocking… The list goes on. I keep on thinking that this show can’t get any better, but it still does. Every episode reveals a new story that surprises us, no matter how well we thought we knew it. Last night’s episode had a story we’ve all been looking forward too. We’ve seen Snow White, now it’s time to find out the backstory of Prince Charming.

The Fairytale World:

You know the saying, two is better than one? Well, that was definitely the case for last night’s episode. There is not one Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), but two! Think of it like the Prince and the Pauper. The real prince decides to prove to King Midas that he can slay a dragon, by killing one of his most powerful knights. In doing this, King Midas promises King George (Alan Dale) that he will supply gold for his kingdom, as long as the Prince can slay the dragon. King Midas leaves, thinking that the knight is supposedly dead, until he stabs Prince Charming is the back. Literally. The prince is dead, and the hope of bringing gold to their kingdom is at a loss. Cue Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle).

“This new found kinship will be your salvation. Simply play the part. The king’s knights will take care of everything else. All you must do is deliver the dragon’s head to Midas.” -Rumpelstiltskin
“What’s in it for you?” -Pauper Charming

“What’s in it for me is my business. You should be asking yourself what’s in it for you. You do this, your poor mother… Well, the king is gonna make sure she never wants for anything again. Your farm will be saved. And you, should you survive, you shall come home the conquering hero!” -Rumpelstiltskin

Seeing as he’s the sweetest guy in the world, Pauper Charming accepts. He soon leaves with the knights to slay the dragon. Just like Rumpelstiltskin said, the knights tried to face the dragon without the assistance from Pauper Charming. This leads them to get barbecued, but being the noble man he is, he tries to help them. For a guy who says he’s not a dragon slayer, he sure does a fine job slaying that dragon.

After Charming delivers the head, and thinks his work is done, King Midas proposes that instead of giving them gold, he gives Charming the opportunity to marry his daughter, uniting their kingdoms. This doesn’t blow over too well. If Charming accepts, than he will never see his mother again. King George is so power hungry and selfish, that he threatens the life of his mother if Charming doesn’t accept. How dare he. Honestly? King George is horrible. He’s just gross. When his son dies, his only worry is that he won’t get his gold? I can think of so many very inappropriate words to describe him.

“You can’t have everything.” -Pauper Charming

My love for Josh Dallas knows no bounds.


This side of the story can be summed up very easily. All I need is one word. Heartbreak. David still doesn’t have his memory, but the only thing he knows is his undeniable love for Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin). In my opinion, their story is the most interesting, and it’s obvious that everyone is rooting for them. Well, everyone except for Regina (Lana Parrilla). Regina does everything in her power to keep them away from each other. This could either be because she hates Snow White, or the fact that in this, she’s earned something she probably hasn’t had in awhile. A friend. With bringing David and Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith) back together, she’s earned Kathryn’s friendship. Yet, David believes something’s not right, leading him to leave Kathryn in hopes of being with Mary Margaret! I adore these two together. The chemistry between them is so real, and so indescribable.

“Meet me tonight! At least think about it. I’ll be at the bridge where you found me at 8 o’clock. Think about it until then and decide. If you don’t go, I’ll know. And I’ll never bother you again. But if you choose this, if you choose us… You’ll know where I’ll be.” -David

Of course, Mary Margaret is skeptical, but against better judgement, she goes anyway. On his way to meet Mary, David unfortunately bumps into Regina, who guides him to Mr. Gold’s shop. After walking in, and seeing a windmill (One from his mother’s farm), he evidently remembers his love for Kathryn. Gross.

“You love her.” -Mary

“I don’t know, but I know I did. I remember how I felt, and I have to honor that.” -David

He just broke the shipper hearts of millions.

That episode, along with Snow Falls, is probably my favorite. I’m running out of words to describe how much I adore this show! Once Upon A Time is perfect. The writing, acting… Everything. I can gush about this show all day. Best new drama of the year. Hands down. If you’re not watching, you need to get to it! Definitely missing out!



  • Favorite moment?
  • When do you think David and Mary will get together? Sooner or later?
  • Are you dying for the next episode like us?

Review by: Dhalyn Warren


  1. loved the episode. hate that david went back to his wife. he belongs with Mary Margaret. loved seeing his backstory though in the fairytale world. and once again rumbelstiltskin is creepy again. he really is great to see on screen

  2. haha he’s still my favorite. 🙂 I have to say this and I hope I don’t get fan hate – but I feel like the dialogue on the show could be improved. The overall plots are fantastic – and I love the direction of the series, but I feel like the dialogue between characters isn’t up to par with the grandness of the series. Does anyone else feel that way too? I’m not hating – it’s still my favorite show on TV – I just felt like I noticed it a lot in the last episode.

  3. yeah i can understand what your saying i guess. they are great characters but they could be a little smarter written i suppose.

  4. yeah exactly. Especially the dialogue in the prince charming flashbacks. I haven’t really noticed it too much until this episode – I’m going to be acutely aware next Sunday! lol

  5. emma seems to be the only one with any backbone. id like to see more of the characters take up for themselves more

  6. Well, Archie took up for himself in his episode arc. 🙂 Loved it when he stood up to Regina, hopefully more characters will!… Also Mr. Gold is definitely not a force to be reckoned with! 🙂

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