Where Is The Walking Dead Filmed?

Where is The Walking Dead Filmed?

Where is The Walking Dead filmed? When shows get popular, fans want to know all the details. And the zombie apocalypse series, which is in its eleventh and final season, is no exception. If you wanted to put together a road trip to all the famous filming sites from the show, you wouldn’t have to drive far from Atlanta, Georgia, to visit some of the most recognizable Walking Dead filming locations.

Most of the filming took place in one state: in the city of Atlanta and downtown Senoia, Georgia. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since many productions occur in Georgia. The decision comes down to the versatile offerings of the state and the huge tax incentives for large productions.

But where in Atlanta did filming take place? Is Rick’s house an actual building? Did they actually use the real CDC to film? Here’s everything you need to know about where The Walking Dead filmed.

The Walking Dead Filming Locations

The Walking Dead Hospital
Photo Credit: AMC

The Hospital

In the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, Rick awakens from his coma in a hospital. He was shot in the line of duty and abandoned later by his partner and friend Shane. Disoriented, he soon realizes that he’s woken up in a very different world from the one we began his coma in. 

Although the scene was certainly convincing, this shot was not filmed inside a real hospital. The cast and crew used the Atlanta Mission, a non-profit that works to fight homelessness. That parking lot we see later filled with helicopters and military vehicles is actually located next to the primary building.

Ricks Home
Photo Credit: AMC

Rick’s Home

Discovering quickly that the world has fallen apart during his coma, he peddles to his home in King County to find his house abandoned. 

This shooting location is an actual house found on 817 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30315. This home sits near Grant Park and the zoo in Atlanta. At the time of the shooting, it was empty and for sale. In 2017, the property sold for $631,000.

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA
Photo Credit: Rob Hainer

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

In episode 5, the crew contacts the CDC in search of answers. Dr. Edwin Jenner allows them in, and we discover that he is the last employee in the center. The group narrowly escapes the building before it dramatically self-destructs. And if you were wondering, no, the CDC is not rigged to self-destruct in real life. 

As far as we know, anyway.

Although the actual CDC building really is in Atlanta, the crew used the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center as a stand-in for filming. Many of the interior shots were actually filmed in the Georgia World Congress Centre.

Bellwood Quarry

Bellwood Quarry: The Survivors’ Camp

In the second episode of Season 1, we discover a group of survivors holed up in a camp beyond the city limits. Before too long, they must abandon the camp as walkers take it over. And before they have to leave, we see Amy’s sister die, Shane beat up Carol’s husband, and Rick finding Lori and Carl.

In real life, this location is on Lois Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318. It’s a 100-year-old granite quarry. The city bought it in 2006 and began converting it into a 300-acre park and reservoir.

The Governor Meeting Place
Photo Credit: AMC

The Governor Meeting Place

In Season 3, Rick meets with the Governor inside a barn to discuss a detente. Later on, the Governor murders Merle in the very same spot. In real life, this location is an old ESCO Feed Mill.

Some filming locations require a lot of special effects or set dressing to set the scene. The rusted sign you see in the show that says it’s an ESCO Feed Mill was already on location.

ESCO Feed Mill
Photo Credit: Emma Loggins

The real interior shots of Rick and the Governor’s meeting actually occurred just around the corner. But all the exterior shots were at this locale. As a fun fact, the Sportsman’s Deer Cooler location where Andrea and Michonne hid in the meat freezer is an actual hunting shop. It’s not too far from this meeting place on Railroad Street, Haralson, Georgia 30229. When wondering where is The Walking Dead filmed, it’s interesting to know how close different locations are to each other.

The Walking Dead Prison
Photo Credit: AMC

The West Georgia Correctional Facility

During Season 2, the crew discovers an abandoned prison overrun with walkers. They needed to leave the farm, so they clear the prison of zombies and make it their new home. 

Viewers online clamored about how the scene filmed used a real Georgia prison that lies outside Zebulon. However, the prison was actually just shot at Raleigh Studios Atlanta. The crew is probably pretty proud that their construction of the set was so lifelike that people believed it was a real place.

The Walking Dead Campsite
Photo Credit: Emma Loggins

Post-Farm Campsite

When the farm becomes overrun, the survivors drive until they run out of gas. They make camp alongside a waterfall. Rick defends his decision to kill Shane. He makes a big speech about how this isn’t a democracy and that the group would die without him.

The crew shot this scene at Elders Mill Road Waterfall and Campsite. It’s a local spot known for the remaining stone left behind by old grist mills. The land is on private property, but you can pay $10 to walk around the location to check it out. When putting together your “where is The Walking Dead filmed?” tour, make yourself aware of what is private property and what is public access.

The Walking Dead - Atlanta Filming

Where Is The Walking Dead Filmed? The Main Studio

Some of the specific shots of unique Walking Dead filming locations needed to be scouted. But by and large, much of the production happened on the 120 acres of Raleigh Studios in Senoia. The studio property has several buildings with the Alexandria Safe Zone. But many others were constructed for specific shots. Like many constructed sets for film productions, the constructions were either torn down or repurposed for other shots.

Some of the famous locations like the Hilltop mansion, Father Gabriel’s church, the Heals, and Oceanside were shot on location there. Lots of interior shots were filmed inside various sound stages throughout the studio property. Sound stages are a vital element in filming any television show, and The Walking Dead is no exception. 

So now you know where The Walking Dead is filmed. Did any of the answers surprise you? Do you think it’s interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at a show’s production? Would you ever go visit a filming location from this long-running TV show to see it for yourself?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And stay tuned, as we’ll add more locations to the article.


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