‘The Lying Game’ Review: O Twin, Where Art Thou?

After months of waiting, The Lying Game has finally returned! The winter premiere has been highly anticipated, and with good reason. The last episode we watched, Sutton (Alexandra Chando) set out to expose Emma at her birthday party– only to drive off into a river leaving her fate undecided. If that wasn’t insane enough, a surprising guest crashed the party. Annie.

I loved many things about this episode. Ethan (Blair Redford) was flawless as usual, Alec (Adrian Pasdar) and Ted (Andy Buckley) were sneaking around even more than they usually do, and last night’s episode had a killer cliffhanger– literally. The following are my top five favorite things about last night’s winter premiere!

1. Annie ‘Rebecca’ Sewell:
This was inevitable. Charisma Carpenter, the beloved Cordelia Chase from Buffy/Angel. Absolutely perfect. At first, I was a bit disappointed to find out that ‘Annie’ wasn’t Miss. Hobbs (Stacy Edwards), but that quickly changed when we got to see a bit more of her character.

She seems sneaky. In my opinion, her vibe is sweet in a “I’ll-take-you-down” kind of way.

“Everything that happened, happened years ago. And you’ve changed, and I’ve changed… We’ve all changed.” -Rebecca to Ted

This is interesting, and really gets me thinking. What could happen to force her to move away AND to change her name? It seems that Ted and Alec have a lot of baggage. They seem to be involved with everything, and maybe, just maybe, their secrets are bigger than everyone else on the show.

2. Alec Rybak and Ted Mercer:
“Well, it’s just so nice to see that you and Ted are still so close after all this time.” -Rebecca

The dynamic duo. Alone, these two are pretty intimidating, but together? A whole new level. Alec has so much power, and Ted seems to be involved with some very horrible things. So far, Ted and Alec are involved with Annie Hobbs, Rebecca, and even Justin (Randy Wayne). We’re getting further into the season, and the audience still isn’t completely sure about Ted and Alec’s past. Their storyline is becoming the most interesting on the show, and I really hope the writers go somewhere with it. I feel as though their story can go really far. It just makes me wonder, how bad is their past?

3. Thayer:
“Just think about it. Why else would he keep you from saying anything about Sutton? Hm? I’ll tell you why, because the entire world would be looking for her!” -Thayer (Christian Alexander)

Oh, Thayer. Always stirring up trouble between my favorite couple! During this episode, Thayer tried to find out every possibility as to why Sutton still hasn’t shown up. He believes Sutton could be dead, and immediately points all of his suspicions towards Ethan. It makes sense; he loves Emma and he doesn’t want her to go. Okay, what I don’t understand is why everyone immediately assumes that Sutton is dead. Even before they found the car, Thayer, Emma, and Ethan had already explored the possibility that she might be dead. I must admit that I thought she was dead, only because I know background information, but it seems even more suspicious that Emma, Ethan, and Thayer automatically assume she’s dead. I mean, it’s Sutton. She’s been missing before (psychiatric facility), plus she could very well have another agenda to expose Emma.

4. Ethan:
“You can rescue her, day after day after day if you want, but it don’t matter. Just ask yourself one question: If things get really, really bad, think she’ll be there for you?” -Dan Whitehorse (Tyler Christopher)

Ethan is possibly the best boyfriend in the whole world. I loved him so much in this episode, because he truly showed that he would do anything for Emma. He risked getting thrown in jail to keep her from spilling the ‘twin’ secret, and ultimately keeping her from facing collateral damage. What I hated, was the fact that Emma heard one little whisper about Ethan, and she let it affect their relationship. It just was not a great episode for Emma/Ethan’s relationship. Not. At. All.

5. The Deadly Gift:
“Keep on being Sutton… Or you’re next.”

In the last two minutes of the Lying Game, Emma received a late night gift. A present wrapped with white paper, and a black bow. It was strange, because Thayer looked at it as though it was familiar in a dangerous way. When Emma opened the gift she got hit with the reality of the situation. Sutton is dead, and her killer could be anyone. Cue dramatic music.

I really liked this episode! It wasn’t my favorite, but it had an amazing cliffhanger. It made me extremely excited for next week. 2012 is already off to a great start for The Lying Game!

Rating: A-


  • What was your favorite thing about last night’s episode?
  • Who do you think sent the gift?
  • Do you like Rebecca?


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  1. i do like rebecca. there is diffidently something more to her character. she has some sort of game going i can feel it. i thought it was a great episode, but i was confused with the whole annie/rebecca deal. (if rebecca is char’s aunt, that is annie hobbs not related to them? and if annie hobbs escaped that hospital, where is she?)