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Home TV Happy Endings Episode 2.10 Review
Happy Endings Episode 2.10 Review

Happy Endings Episode 2.10 Review


Happy Endings is back from holiday break and did not disappointed. I’ve just starting watching Happy Endings as of it’s second season, since then is has been added it to my favorite comedy list.

In this episode ‘The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother’ is centered around Alex not being so close to Brad,Max being childlike with Jane and Penny and Dave dating each other’s therapist.

Opening scene, the gang are having breakfast, when Penny says she found a sweater that not belonging to her, at her apartment. Max and Jane both claim it belongs to them. Breaking out into a childish fight between the two, it leading to them continuing outside.

The group, happens to run into Dave’s therapist(Dr. Rick Rickman). Yep. That is his real name. Penny comes to tell them she also has been seeing a therapist since she was young. Which bring the flashback scene of Penny which is Laugh Out Loud funny! Dr. Rickman has seem to take a liking to Penny.

Max and Jane agree to compete for the sweater, whoever is the most vain is the winner. Picking out the worst outfits they can find. I soon realize why I love this show, it’s hilarious the outfits they have to wear. Jane look is as if she belongs on the set of “The Brady Bunch”, while Max has a very 80’s all white femininity look. INSANE, I couldn’t control the laughter.

Not wanting to really spend time with each other, Alex and Brad having lunch (beforehand) asking Max to call with an “emergency”. I would honestly think someone could come up with something better then a meteor hitting earth. Wait, it’s Max. So um, Nope. Love him.

On a date, Dr. Rickman and Penny are rudely interrupted by Dave. Not alone, but with Dr. Roz Liebowitz(Penny’s therapist). Ha! Yes, he went that low, to prove a point. Meanwhile, Alex goes to see a rom-com alone. Shockingly finds Brad is in the same theater.

Jane and Max decide to call in a “fire” to prove who they can resist being hot for. Yep this is comedy gold.

They bare ALL. It’s just pure comedy, really.

Not to sure about a therapist that needs to “lay low”. Penny may have feelings deep down for Dave. Alex and Brad end up bonding over seeing the “chick flick” together.

What did you think about this week’s Happy Endings ? Sound off in our comment section below!


  1. I loved Alex and Brad finally bonding. It was so cute. I enjoyed the snippets of that lame rom-com they were watching. lol. Also, Penny and Dave? Yes please.


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