‘The Lying Game’ Review: When We Dead Awaken

In last week’s episode of The Lying Game, we got left with a huge cliffhanger! There have been debates, questions, and so much anticipation since Emma (Alexandra Chando) unwrapped that mysterious box. I thought last week’s cliffhanger was pretty insane, but this week’s cliffhanger? Indescribable. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m left with even more questions than I had before. I loved the winter premiere, but I have to say, this episode was way better.

From Justin (Randy Wayne) and Laurel’s (Allie Gonino) break-up, to the shocking revelations involving Sutton, it was honestly a challenge to pick out my favorite moments from ‘When We Dead Awaken’, but here are my top five!

1. A Lying Game:

“The only way to win a Lying Game, is not to play.” -Thayer (Christian Alexander)

We’ve heard talk of the infamous ‘Lying Games,’ but we never actually found out what they consisted of. It’s a bit different from the books, but the Lying Game is simply messing with someone. It is revealed that Sutton did a Lying Game on a former transfer student who wasn’t giving Sutton the admiration she felt she deserved. Sutton would steal her stuff, small things, but right when the girl would replace them, Sutton would send them back. She would send them back in a gift wrapped in white paper, with a black bow…. Just like the gift Emma received. This action caused the girl, Hilary, to switch schools. Dang.

2. The Friendships:

This had to be mentioned. Even though Char (Kirsten Prout) and Mads (Alice Greczyn) aren’t aware of the switch, they both seem to share a bond with Emma that I can’t even imagine Sutton having with them. Yes, we saw a few ‘memories’ of Sutton, Char, and Mads, but the lengths Emma would go through to help them… I feel that Sutton wouldn’t do that.

“I want you to apologize! I want you to beg for forgiveness, I mean you really hurt a girl who deserves way better than the way you’ve treated her.” -Emma

See, the way Emma marched up to Derek (Ben Elliott) and confronted him… But based on his reaction she should have been confronting him on something else. After seeing his reaction, it made me start thinking. It’s possible that Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards) could have been the one is Sutton’s back seat, but now I’m questioning if it was Derek. If it was, I’m truly curious as to why he would be in the back seat. So. Many. Questions!

3. Justin:

No matter how hard I try to figure out what Justin’s deal is, I never seem to get close to an answer! All of his actions surprise me, especially his actions during this episode. He starts off as his usual, double-meaning-behind-everything self, and slowly evolves into a huge ass. He was definitely a heart breaker during this episode, because he broke Laurel’s heart, and the heart’s of all Laurel/Justin shippers everywhere. Now this leaves the question, why? Simply why. I have a theory. I believe that Ted (Andy Buckley) had something to do with the car crash that killed his mom. I think that the only reason Justin started dating Laurel, was to dig up dirt about Ted, but ultimately fell for her. I’m not sure if I’m right, because The Lying Game is known for its twisty story lines, but that’s the theory I’m going with for now. Let’s just hope he comes to his senses soon!

4. Alec:

“Don’t ever compare us, okay? I still have some hope. Something you gave up when you became Alec’s bitch!” -Ethan (Blair Redford)

How many of you kept rewinding that moment over and over again? Ethan, never change.

We’ve always knew Alec had a lot of allies, but it was emphasized during this episode. Emma and Ethan come to realize that they really can’t trust anyone. Emma tried to speak to Ted about Alec, and he got strangely defensive… And went back to tell Alec what she said. He has Ted, Derek, Dan, and probably many others on his side.

“You never know when you could use another friend.” -Alec

Emphasis on use.

5. The Cliffhanger:

The cliffhanger is in a league of its own. I know many people took bets on whether or not Sutton was alive. I’ll be honest, I thought she was dead. I thought whomever was in the backseat hide her body. Luckily, I was wrong, but it leaves the question: “Who was in the backseat, and how did Sutton escape?”

Can it be next Monday already?

Rating: A


  • Favorite moment?
  • What do you think is the deal with Justin and Ted?
  • Sutton! How, what, when, where, WHY?

Review By: Dhalyn Warren


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  1. I liked this episode much better than last weeks! I agree with you about Justin– I think that he targeted laurel from the very beginning because he wanted to dig up dirt about Ted. The question now is, why would Justin be breaking up with Laurel? To our knowledge, he hasn’t found anything crazy out (other than what he believes he knows about Ted). I agree with you that Ted has something to do with his mother’s accident. Either he was involved, or maybe was the doctor that helped her? Most likely he was involved in the accident, but HOW!? I don’t think anyone knows what Justin’s deal is, I hope we will find out a little bit more, and SOON.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Sutton return at the end– the previews for last nights episode had already shown the scene with Ethan, Thayer, and Emma in her room and someone else surprising them. For shock value, I thought for sure it had to be Sutton. Not to mention, the three of them jumped to the conclusion that Sutton was dead pretty quickly. Thayer was convinced, and Ethan and Emma believed him unrealistically fast.

    I hope Sutton will come to her senses and realize Emma isn’t truly out to replace her. She needs to join forces with the Emma/Ethan/Thayer team to expose the secrets of Ted and Alec. They need to work together so I hope Sutton will lose the evil/selfish attitude!