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Home TV Happy Endings Episode 2.11 Review
Happy Endings Episode 2.11 Review

Happy Endings Episode 2.11 Review


Happy Endings brought the laughs as usual in this week’s episode “Meat The Parrots”. Dave’s father guest star (Michael McKean) came into town for a visit after getting a divorce.

My laugh out loud moment “If your not going to play with me, I’ll play by myself” -Alex

Bored at work (running joke that is getting old) Alex decides to buy a parrot. Oh yeah one downside is that parrot–named Tyler. Just happens to be both homophobic and racist.

Alex calls Max, Brad to come to the store. Feeling like something odd is going on across the street at the Chinese restaurant “Hop Sing’s”. Seems lots of business men in suits are visiting a lot.

Dave get’s a text from his dad–he’s not coming alone. Bring his new girlfriend. Turns out it’s Dana(Megan Mullally) a.k.a. Penny’s mom! Sweet, I love that she is back for another episode. Alex when she was a child we learn there was an “incident” with spilled milk. Everyone is having drinks–Dave giving Alex a sippy cup. YES. Seriously too funny!

She greets the gang saying “Hell-ur” (If your a Tyler Perry fan–you’ll understand why this is SO funny).

Penny is excited, saying “Oh-My-God”. Penny inquires how did they meet. Awkward moment–it was at the wedding of Alex and Dave. Yep the one that never happened. Penny loves the idea of having a “little brother” in Dave. Giving him a “wet willy”. Yep, that she did. Among something else that I shall not mention. It is that hilarious, yet gross.

Dave is pretty cool about his dad’s new relationship. Meanwhile at “Hop Sing’s–on a stakeout. Alex,Max and Brad see a group of young Asian women going inside. Max saying “Oh my gosh-it’s a illegal Kung Pao sex ring”! Something indeed is going down. Thinking it’s a smart idea they decide to go “undercover”. Umm, when did they become cops?

Loved the pop culture references throughout this episode. So very enjoyable if you a pop culture fan, like myself.

At home, Dave makes a special sandwich for his dad naming it “The Big Dave”. Only to find out that he is no longer a meat eater.

At the restaurant, they are looking for evidence of a prostitute ring. Max thinks it’s something off the menu.

Dave had made plans with his dad to attend a Cubs convention. Dana has other plans in mind–Dave is not happy upsetting he thinks everything is stupid even saying so to (guest star-Ed Begley Jr).

Thinking Dana is trying to be his “new” mom. She explains (in song–love her) she’s not trying to be a replacement mother. Everyone joins in the singing. Love it–even Dave’s dad. Dave leaving very upset.

Still at “Hop Sing’s” eating a mass amount of food–Alex mostly leaving it on her face. They spot a man with a briefcase. Following him to the back, only to discover that a group of people are taking an “English as a Second Language” class.

At home, Dave leaves a note–he ran away. Like so childish like. Penny and Jane go to find him. Finding him at his childhood home. Bummed that his dad has changed so much. Penny gives him so “sisterly” advice to just face it head on.

Alex wanting company when the store is closed decides to let the E.S.L class take place there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode,the chemistry between Penny and Dana is classic mother/daughter banter. Dave does come to accept his dad dating Dana.

Jane confesses to the “milk incident”. It was her not Alex. Dave’s father saying–really all these years later. Well, your still my favorite anyway.

Topping it off this episode– Ed Begley Jr. breaks the headlight on Dave’s truck. The sandwich he made for his was an insult to him. Naming it the “Egg Begley Jr.” Yelling at Dave “Who’s stupid now”.


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