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Home TV New Girl Episode 1.10 Recap And Review
New Girl Episode 1.10 Recap And Review

New Girl Episode 1.10 Recap And Review


Get your lap dance pants ready, New Girl is finally back on my television form a long hiatus it’s all about Schmidt’s 29th birthday. ‘Story of the 50’ was not my favorite of the season so far, but it have it’s moments that did make it worth watching.

It starts out with Schmidt being bummed that his “rez” for party bus being canceled. Yes–“rez” living in Schmidt’s world he has his own “lingo”. In part is why I adore him so much.

Jess tries to cheer him up by ordering (yes–not hiring) a stripper by phone – Which we find out later is a stripper of the opposite sex.

Nick goes on an awkward date with a lawyer Julia (Lizzy Caplan). The two have a “who does the worst Bill Cosby impersonation” it made me laugh – it was terrible – In a good way.

The “lingo” of Schmidt is used in the entire episode with the help of his college roommate Benjamin. Referring to his relationship a ‘girl-like’ and them being ‘bronemies’. Enough said. These are the reasons why I tune in every week. It’s just too silly not to.

Jess steals from work a ‘party favor’ to bring along on the yellow party bus… Yes, that kind of bus. Remember those days? I do. Getting caught in the act, Jess then has to invite her boss Tanya (Rachael Harris) to the party.

So many funny moments, I don’t want to give them all away.

It seems when having a party it is a “tradish” to having “bro juice” at a party. During the party, Schmidt picks the brain of the stripper. Asking if he were to get in the game what is the “gator” requirement. Don’t ask. You have to watch to understand.

Later, coming as a complete shock to Nick. Julia is tougher than she looks. Taking things into her own hands. Due to Benjamin hitting on Jess–K.O. anyone?

Having a bonding moment, Jess and Schmidt talking, he thanks her for throwing a great party. It gets, well weird. Did he just lean in for a smooch with Jess? Yep, he went there. Oh, what a night.



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