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Home TV Happy Endings 3.01 Recap And Review
Happy Endings 3.01 Recap And Review

Happy Endings 3.01 Recap And Review


I have got to say Happy Endings is a show that is truly underrated. I’m glad people are slowly jumping aboard to watch. This week “Makin’ Changes” was hands down the funniest episode I’ve seen to date. The episode was centered around Penny’s love life problems, and we also got to see Brad give us a look back at whom he once was before meeting Jane. Lastly, we get to see Dave’s friends give him a intervention (of sorts).

Needing to change her dating ways, Penney looks to get advice on what to do with her problems with men. Jane is there in her time of need of course, and Penny realizes her problem is that she is always trying to change every guy she’s met/dated.

At the local bar hangout Jane points out Jeff – Penny quoting “I don’t want no scrubs” mind you he’s in a bar wearing what she called “shower shoes”. He’s a 30-something acting like he’s stuck in 20-something year old body. She’s game to see if this could possibly work. “The year of Penny, suck it.”

Not too sure it was wise to take advice (at all) from Jane, but will this turn into being a good idea? I doubt it. I really enjoyed seeing Brad making a jackass of himself. It was a riot.

Meanwhile, Max and Alex thought Dave may be in need of an intervention. Drugs? Alcoholism? No, for wearing V-neck shirts. I kid you not. This happened. The two have become fans of hours worth of viewing those hoarding shows. Decide to confront Dave about his “problem” even bringing in an expert to help out. Um, this episode (I’ve said before I know) truly was over the top hysterically funny. I was in tears from laughter. While in denial at first Dave does come to see he does have a problem. I am also starting to really like the whole Max/Alex pairing more each week. The two together, it just works so well.

The ending was “sad” but in the most outrageous way possible. The 90’s references were enjoyable, dog. Like every week, it just gets better. Even with the sometimes not so funny episode, Happy Endings comes back better to prove why it’s one of the best comedy on ABC. Tell a friend, you won’t regret it.

Favorite lines:

“He’s got a soul patch…in a bar” — Penny on why Jeff is a “scrub”

“What an inappropriate forum for a long and boring story” — Max during Dave’s intervention

“I get vee in this vee” –Dave’s remark on not want to give up his v-neck on his date night.


  1. I’ve been rooting for this show all season, but I think it’s actually starting to be a small hit. It’s doing just as good on Wednesdays as the other non-Pritchett comedies. Episodes like this show why.


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