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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: The Ties That Bind
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: The Ties That Bind

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: The Ties That Bind


Um, wow? I’m still trying to process everything that went on during last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Usually that’s a good thing, but this episode? Not so much. Let me just begin by saying that I did not like this episode. It was all over the place, and it seemed as though the writers were trying too hard to make the show interesting. Unnecessary twists, and a lot of confusion. Don’t get me wrong, this episode wasn’t all bad. It had an amazing cliffhanger and a really well-written heart felt scene.

The Good:

1. Persia White!
She was absolutely amazing. I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile, and the second I heard she was going to guest star on TVD, I freaked out! Persia is portraying Abby Bennett Wilson, the mother whom abandoned Bonnie (Kat Graham) when she was little. She is a key part during this episode. Although her storyline was a bit over the top, I loved her chemistry with Bonnie. It has been a question as to why she left in the first place, and it turned out that she was the witch who imprisoned Mikael (Sebastian Roche). We come to find out that she was protecting Elena (Nina Dobrev), an act that caused her to lose her powers. I actually really liked how they tied that all together!

2. Michael Trevino:
I have to say, Michael Trevino has his best performances when he’s transforming. No words. Even though I’m all for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola), the fact that Tyler would do that for her is so sweet. The question they left us with, though, is will he do it again? He may love Caroline, but having to literally break all his bones everyday until it’s not painful? I guess we’ll finally see how strong his love for Caroline truly is.

3. Stefan and Elena:
Inevitable. Elena finally told Stefan (Paul Wesley) about her kiss with Damon (Ian Somerhalder)! I have been waiting for this since the moment they stopped kissing. No exaggeration. Honestly? His reaction was everything I hoped for and more. Pure silence. It’s funny how silence can tell so much. His silence showed us that the old Stefan is still in there, and that there’s hope. Yes, he’s done a few bad things… A lot of bad things… Unforgivable things, but there’s redemption! What made this moment even better was the fact that Elena told Stefan that SHE kissed Damon. Even though it was the other way around. Plus, she said that she didn’t feel guilty about doing it. I can definitely hear the Delena fans fangirling. All and all, what really made this scene perfect was the silence. The pain that was shown on his face, the realization that he actually did push her away. Is it possible to ship both ‘Stelena’ and ‘Delena’?

4. The Coffin:
I think I speak for everyone when I say, OPEN THAT COFFIN! I really, really want to know what’s in it! I have so many guesses, and I kind of just want it to get opened already. My guess, is that the original Petrova is in it. But who knows! TVD always has a way of shocking us!

5. Elijah:
Elijah. Enough said. Damon gets shit done, and that’s all I have to say.

The Bad:

1. The Writing:
Before you all kill me, not all of the writing was bad! There were many scenes where I thought the dialogue was perfect. Yet, some of it seemed unnatural and forced. Not only that, but a lot of the twists that they had in there seemed unnecessary. The fact that Tyler almost killed Caroline’s dad? I felt like it was just put in there for suspense. They kept on putting characters lives, characters that we’re not truly attached too, in danger. Jamie (Robert Ri’chard) may be a hot piece of eye-candy, but the fact that he was at risk of dying? Didn’t really care. It all seemed too forced.

2. Meredith and Alaric:
Although I love Meredith (Torrey DiVitto) and I love Alaric (Matt Davis), I just don’t like them together. I’m still completely convinced that Meredith is a psychopath, and I think Alaric is rushing into it. He’s known the girl for five minutes, and he’s already bringing her into his dead-ex-girlfriend’s home for make-out sessions. No. Just… No. I understand he wants to be honest with her, because that was his downfall with Jenna (Sara Canning), but spilling all your secrets? She knows about the ring, the hunting, and that he’s the town drunk. Ten bucks says she’s going to try to steal the ring (again, might I add.).

3. New Characters:
I love all the new characters they’ve brought in, but when will there be enough? TVD is focusing more on developing its new characters, rather than focusing on their old ones. Example? Matt (Zach Roerig). In just the last two episodes, we’ve been introduced to three new characters. That’s not even counting Klaus’s hybrids. Like I said, I love the new characters, but there is such a thing as TOO many new characters.

4. Jeremy:
I miss Steven R. McQueen and his abs. I had to say it.

Yes, the good outnumbered the bad during this episode, but I couldn’t get over the writing. It ruined it for me. There were great moments that were masked by the insane twists and turns. The dialogue may have been great during some scenes, but on others? Way too forced. TVD is my favorite show, but this has to be one of my least favorite episodes.



  • What did you think of the episode?
  • What do you think Klaus is hiding in that coffin?
  • Comments on Meredith and Alaric?
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  1. i am a certified STELENA fan.. and stefan’s rection was superb!!! i mean paul wesley should get more credit that he already has. 🙂

  2. I screamed when Elijah showed up! I really like him. I hope he sticks around at least a while. The new actress who plays Bonnie’s mother doesn’t quite look enough like Bonnie IMO. I love that things moved along enough for Elena to tell Stefan that she kissed Damon.


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