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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: 7:15 A.M.
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: 7:15 A.M.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: 7:15 A.M.


Is it possible for Once Upon A Time to get any better? I didn’t think it was, but this episode may very well be my favorite to date. Last night’s episode provided more information on our handsome stranger (Eion Bailey), scheming from Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle), and a magical kiss we have ALL been waiting for. If you thought Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming’s (Josh Dallas) love-story was complicated before, ‘7:15 A.M.’ takes it to a whole new level.

The Fairytale World:

“There are whispers. Whispers of a man who can achieve even the most unholy of requests. A man who can do what you ask.” – Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory)

First off, Snow White and Red Riding Hood are besties? Now that’s a story I’d like to hear. Okay, getting a little off point. Snow White is still residing in the forest, trying to forget her Prince Charming. Not working too well for her. The Prince is set to be married in two days time, and all Snow wants is to forget her love for him. Cue Rumpelstiltskin.

Serious question. Is there a story Rumpelstiltskin hasn’t managed to get into? For a world that’s supposed to be like a fairytale, it’s pretty messed up. There are more happy endings in Storybrooke, than there are in the Fairytale World. Nonetheless, Snow White finds Rumpelstiltskin, and is given a bottle said to erase all memory of Prince Charming. The price? A single strand of her hair. I have to say, a strand of hair seems like a way better deal than your first born. Cinderella was robbed.

Just when Snow is about to drink the potion, she receives a letter from the Prince himself. The Prince wrote:

“Dearest Snow, I have not heard from you since our meeting and can only assume you found the happiness you so desired, but I must let you know not a day goes by that I have not thought of you. In two days time I am to be married. Come to me before then. Come to me and show me you feel the same, and we can be together forever. And if you don’t, I will have my answer.” -Prince Charming

And so Snow White sets off on her journey! It seems like a good idea at first, but the fact that she’s a fugitive, and is probably not wanted near the Prince… It ultimately leads to her getting thrown in prison. In the cell, she meets Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) who luckily has a sibling named Stealthy (Geoff Gustafson) that breaks them out. I’m pretty sure everyone was thinking the same thing when Stealthy came on the screen, but it all became clear why he wasn’t apart of the “Seven Dwarfs”… Definitely awkward.

Snow is captured by the King, and is forced to lie to Prince Charming. She has to go and tell Charming that she never loved him, or the King will kill him. Kind of drastic. That scene was heartbreaking. Watching Josh Dallas cry is like seeing a puppy with a broken paw. I can’t.

After leaving the Prince, Snow White sets off with the seven dwarfs, and although she’s heartbroken, she is convinced by Grumpy to not to drink the potion. But apparently Grumpy wasn’t convincing enough. Just as it is revealed that the Prince called off the wedding, it is also revealed that Snow drank the potion, forgetting all memories involving Prince Charming.

“I’ll find her. I’ll always find her.” -Prince Charming

Cue overly dramatic music.


“What’s going on is that I still have feelings for you. Why do you think I go to Grams every morning at 7:15? It’s to see you.” -Mary Margaret

Who knew a bird, a pregnancy scare, and a cup of coffee was all Mary and David needed to be together? After many failed attempts of trying to avoid each other, they eventually get stuck in a cabin during a storm together. They pour their hearts out, and almost share a kiss, but by the end of the storm the only happy one was the bird. They agree that it would be best to stay away from each other, but that only lasts for about five minutes.

David: “It’s 7:45!”
Mary: “I know!”
David: “Well, I’m trying not to see you.”
Mary: “Well, I am trying not to see you!”
David: Well, how do we stop seeing each other?”
Mary: “Apparently we can’t.”

An inevitable make-out session follows, and all is right in Storybrooke… But judging by Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) face, David and Mary getting together won’t be that easy.

And what about that stranger? The fact that he’s interested in Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and that we know so little about him… The curiosity is killing me! All we know is that he rides a motorcycle, he’s interested in Emma, Regina hates him, and that he’s an author. Could that have anything to do with the actual story book in Henry’s possession? Can it be next Sunday already?

My love for Once Upon a Time knows no bounds! After every episode, I’m always left wanting more. It amazes me how characters, such as Rumpelstiltskin, can have few lines and still have their performance take my breath away. This week’s further detailing of Snow White’s story was truly phenomenal. This show always keeps me guessing.



  • What was your favorite moment during this week’s episode?
  • Why do you think Rumpelstiltskin wanted Snow’s hair?
  • Thoughts on the Stranger?
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  1. So happy that MM and David finally kissed! Lucky girl that Ginnifer Godwin. The one thing I can’t figure out is how Emma is supposed to be her daughter and they look the same age?! I think R. wanted Snow’s hair to have more control over her maybe…God I love this show!!!It rocks!!!! And Regina’s costumes are fabulous!!! (as the Evil Queen)

  2. I really happy that they finally kissed also! Not sure about the hair, maybe his bargaining for something?, and the stranger could be Grimm.

  3. cleo777, I’m not sure, but didn’t they say in the beginning that time was frozen in Storybrooke until Emma came to town?

  4. Slow meandering episode with no tension. This episode could have been condensed into 15 minutes and I fear for the worst for the show if there are anymore dull episodes as its done nothing hold viewers interest, it all seemed a little forced. What really annoyed me about the episode was just how tall those dwarves are? aside from the pantomime way in which they were dressed (same with Red riding hood!) why have they chosen to go all Disney on us and given them leather waiste coats, bulbous noses, rounded ears and nightcaps? Has one of the creative designers left the show? I would have expected dwarves to actually have been dwarves and without the Disney look. Rumplestiltskin is a suitably dark twisted soul why didn’t they follow theme and show them as a bunch quirky work obsessive hardy guys who live to work long hours down a mine. I would totally believe a broken hearted snow white falling for a charming idiosyncratic band of brothers and accepting their offer to stay with seven bachelors until her heart was healed…but a line like “I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you, so you are going to come home with us and we’re gonna protect you” came across as somewhat creepy and threatening. It rushed Snow White’s involvement with the seven dwarves, if they were really bonding over losing someone I think its ridiculous that the writers would have us believe that losing a murdered brother (an 8th dwarf..oh purrlease!) is akin to the pain of splitting up with your boyfriend! Poor episode with flaws in the writing, character and plot development. The overall direction left me deflated to what up until had been a very watchable show.

  5. Stranger Thoughts: Its Pinoccio. My theory is that he hid in the wardrobe and came through with Emma. He remembers fairy tale land and wrote the book since he knows the story. Since he wasn’t affected by the curse (because he was also in the wardrobe) he has aged 28 years.

  6. That’s an interesting theory Anna. I would never have thought of that but it definitely makes sense. And Feizor – in regards to the dwarfs, Snow herself is pretty short (5’1 ish?) so that might have caused some casting challenges. I would have liked to see the darker as well. I believe they’re going to be portrayed darker in the upcoming Snow White movie – at least the one with Kristen Stewart – not sure about the other one.

  7. I love that theory, Anna! It definitely makes a lot of sense, but I thought they said that the Wardrobe only had enough magic to transport one?

  8. TVD_Dhalyn – I thought it was room for one? But maybe it was already with Pinocchio included in it…with out Snow and Charming knowing. And if it was magic and not room for one…maybe since it was a baby and a young child then the magic was able to cover it?


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