‘The Lying Game’ Review: Black and White and Green All Over

It’s that time of the week again! It always seems like a lifetime before the next episode of The Lying Game. Why? Because this is a show filled with lies, cliffhangers, and extremely hot guys. This episode was no exception. Bitchy sisters, to Ethan (Blair Redford) in a suit, and a shocking revelation. One word to describe ‘Black and White and Green All Over’? Epic.

1. Sutton Undoing Emma’s Work:

“Nice to see that you’re undoing all of Emma’s good work on your first day back.” -Ethan

In the course of one episode, Sutton (Alexandra Chando) managed to:
1.) Ruin her relationship with Laurel.
2.) Act disrespectful towards her parents.
3.) Flirt with her best friend’s guy.
4.) Make out with her twin-sister’s boyfriend.
5.) Screw Emma over.

I don’t know whether to be impressed, or horrified. Irregardless, I adore Sutton. Well, I think it would be more appropriate to say that I hate to love her, and love to hate her. A contradiction among epic proportions. The fact that Alexandra Chando can have me hate her one second, and love her the next is absolutely amazing.

2. Justin:

“Don’t Mrs. Mercer me. I know Laurel may [have] forgiven you, you may have had some ‘come to Jesus’ moment with my husband, but I think what you did was… You need help.” -Kristin Mercer (Helen Slater)

No matter what Justin (Randy Wayne) does, I still adore him. I don’t know what that says about me, but I’m rooting for him and Laurel (Allie Gonino) to work things out. Honestly? He’s just a really reserved guy. He lies, because he’s been through so much. Because of his mother’s death, it has taught him to keep to himself. At least that’s how I see it. Justin is simply just a flawed character, and aren’t those the best types? He may lie more than anyone else on ABCFamily, but the writers developed his character to the point where you can’t help but love him. And his piercing blue eyes kind of help with that too.

3. Emma and Ethan:

“I’m gonna go to that dance, I’ll show my face, and I’m gonna come back here and spend the night with you.” -Ethan

I think it’s safe to say that Emma and Ethan are the cutest couple on the show. Especially since Justin and Laurel are kind of hitting a rough patch. The main reason why Emma/Ethan are one of my favorite parts during this episode was simply because they have amazing chemistry. Plus, they had a hot make-out session. I applaud Blair Redford and Alexandra Chando.

4. Annie Hobbs:

“You’re not our mother.” -Sutton

Finally! After wondering where she’s been for the last few episodes, she finally shows her face! And to make this moment even better? She shows her face to Emma. There has been a slight build-up to Annie and Emma meeting. I have to say, their reactions weren’t exactly what I was expecting, but it worked. Sadly, the mother-daughter meeting was cut short by a shocking revelation. For most of the season, the audience thought Annie was Sutton and Emma’s real birth mother. Not the case. It turns out that Annie is even crazier than we thought, and she actually stole Emma from her real mother. Now this begs the question, who is Emma and Sutton’s real birth mother? My guess is leaning towards Rebecca, but that all seems a bit to obvious.

5. Rebecca:

“Oh, Annie. What have you done now?” -Rebecca

I’m starting to think that Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) is the female version of Justin. She seems like the sweetest person, but in reality? She’s hiding a huge secret. What that secret is, I have no clue, but the fact that she has an interest in Alec (Adrian Pasdar) and she’s somehow connected to Annie Hobbs… Can’t be good. I have to say, I do love her with Alec, though. The two sneakiest, and seemingly most powerful characters on the show. Could be a scary combination, or a perfect one.

There was not one thing I hated about this episode! It had the perfect dose of crazy twists, extreme backstabbing, handsome guys, etc. And what about that ‘snake’ deal at the end? I’m definitely looking forward to next week. I’m sure we’re all in for a few surprises.



  • Favorite moment during this week’s episode?
  • Who do you think Emma and Sutton’s real birth mother is?
  • The snake? What?


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