‘Ticket to Paradise’ Movie Review: A Predictable Yet Charming Rom-Com

Ticket to Paradise Movie Review

A Julia Roberts and George Clooney rom-com? Sign me up! That was my initial thought when I saw the trailer for this one. And it lived up to my expectations when I screened the film earlier this week. In true romantic-comedy fashion, there’s nothing ground-breaking here. But what there is, is a truly heartwarming and charming movie with more than a few laughs.

Ticket to Paradise reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts on the big screen. They play exes who find themselves on a shared mission to stop their only daughter from marrying right out of college and thus throwing her life away. In hopes of preventing her from making the same mistake they did, they head to paradise with a plan that doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Ticket to Paradise Movie Trailer

Ticket to Paradise Movie Review: What I Liked and Didn’t Like

There’s not much with this one to criticize for me. I heard some of my fellow critics complain about the film’s second half and how the movie fell into the troupes that nearly all rom-coms do. For me, I love a good rom-com, and predictability isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my book. I know what I’m getting, so I won’t be disappointed.

To be clear, this is a good, not great, film. There’s nothing ground-breaking or new here. But what there is just a feel-good movie. And I feel like it’s been a minute since we’ve had one of those.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts
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I’m not sure Ticket to Paradise would have worked as well with anyone else cast as the film’s leads. The chemistry between George Clooney and Julia Roberts is always enjoyable to watch on screen. And while I don’t get romantic-vibe chemistry from them, I get best friend chemistry, which, for me, was even more enjoyable to watch with this storyline.

Though the film’s best part may have been the outtakes at the very end. I wish more movies would include bloopers and improvised style scenes alongside the rolling credits. It’s the perfect way to squeeze in a few extra laughs that may not worked in tandem with the film – but still deserve to be seen by the masses.


I suspect that some of the movie’s funniest moments were actually improvised on the spot based on the outtakes shown. So I don’t think the script gets all the credit for the humor, but the storyline does feel cohesive and organized. There were a number of jokes that did fall flat, but that always holds true with this genre. 

Ticket to Paradise
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Overall Thoughts

Overall, Ticket to Paradise is a heartwarmingly charming rom-com that pairs together two Hollywood legends for a fun ride with no shortage of laughs. It’s the perfect date night movie. And while I love my superhero movies, this one is by far the better film to see this weekend. (Sorry, Black Adam, but it’s the truth)

Ticket to Paradise Movie Review:

Grade: B+

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