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Home TV ‘New Girl’ 1.11 Episode Review And Recap: Jess and Julia
‘New Girl’ 1.11 Episode Review And Recap: Jess and Julia

‘New Girl’ 1.11 Episode Review And Recap: Jess and Julia


Time for a chick fight. Well, not exactly. New Girl is back after a short break with the usually goofiness humor. In “Jess and Julia” Nick is still involved with Julia. Problem is he is very unsure he wants to give what they have a “label.” Jess is in need of legal help with a traffic ticket she has ignored. Leaving her to turn to Julia for help. Schmidt being confused on why is towels are always damp.

At the apartment having a chat she learns that Julia is not warming up to her. At all. Julia feels Jess is too girly and can get out of trouble whenever she wants using he cute “puppy dog eyes” or her charms. Yes, not to mention Cece and her lesbian friend Sadie agree that Jess tends to be very girly. Julia is very much uptight, dare I say bitchy. Yep that is about right.

Meanwhile, Winston being in a long dry spell. Decides to call Shelby. Just an old booty call from two years ago. Hmm, calling a girl after two years. I doubt he really has a shot.

The guys go to the bar wondering how Nick has so much game with the ladies. He tries his best to demonstrate why,showing off his unimpressive “Cocktail” skills.

At work Nick gets a visit from Julia that does not end well. A battle of who is sleeping around more goes down. Jess talking to Julia about weather Nick is dating other people did not help the matter, leaving they both mad at Jess.

At court, Julia shows up to help Jess with her legal woes. After her “guilty” plea. Jess confronts Julia not liking her. It’s just Jess. Can anyone change her. I doubt it.

The best moment for me the entire episode were every scene Schmidt was in. To my delight, he is shirtless most of the time.

Looks as though things are looking up for Shelby and Winston. Jess and friends make fun of Schmidt–sans towel(again).

Enjoying some crochet girl time, Julia comes to talk to Jess about why it’s hard for to accept he the way she is. Leading up to her talking things out with Nick. They make it official.

So we finally, in the end get the answer to why Schmidt’s towels are continually moist. It’s pretty damn funny, yet gross. Oh and that someone has a nasty habit of wearing Schmidt’s underwear as well.

Favorite lines:

  • “I feel like I’m being licked by a golden retriever” -Schmidt (after putting on a damp towel)
  • “A tampon, why would you need this for cooking?”-Schmidt (to Jess after finding it in an apron)
  • “I’ll be putting my humidifier in my room, where nothing gets wet”-Schmidt (upset after someone unplugs it)


  1. This show is quite funny and entertaining. I love the fact that the guys are always trying to help and educate, instead of it being women in that role. It’s the role reversal that makes it work.


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