‘The Lying Game’ Review: Reservation for Two

Like every episode, The Lying Game featured shocking revelations, deceit, and a lot of drama. I have to admit, this episode took on a slower pace, its vibe was more calm. Yes, it had tons of drama, but it didn’t feel as forced as passed episodes. Ethan (Blair Redford) is a fugitive, Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) and Alec’s (Adrian Pasdar) relationship reaches a new level, and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) rode a horse– which was probably the most shocking of all. To top that off we were left with a huge cliffhanger! Just because this episode wasn’t as fast paced as previous ones, does not mean it wasn’t any less interesting.

1. Emma’s Amateur Lying Skills:

“What ever you say right now will either help him, or put him behind bars. Just tell them exactly what you saw.” -Dan (Tyler Christopher)

I’m guessing behind bars, because Emma’s lying was pitiful. You would think a girl who’s pretending to be someone else, and for such a long period of time, would know how to lie just a tad bit better. I understand the circumstances were a bit insane, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Her body language, jumbled words, etc. Let’s just hope they find the actual killer faster than they find Ethan.

2. Daddy Issues:

“I haven’t seen neither of my sons since they left four years ago. Not a call, not a Christmas card . . . And that’s the way I like it, because I don’t want any damn trouble. Which is why I kicked them out in the first place.” -Daddy Whitehorse (Gil Birmingham)

Ouch. Father, son issues are a recurring theme in television. It’s pretty difficult to differentiate from other shows/stories. I can honestly say that The Lying Game did an amazing job at pulling itself away. Ethan and his father became estranged after his mother left them. It was soon after Ethan had been thrown into juvy for the first time. It’s obvious that his father never fully got over it, nor did he ever fully forgive his son. Poor Ethan! And the fact that he’s hiding out in his father’s house, because of a murder charge . . . I don’t think that’s helping rekindle their relationship.

3. Laurel’s Love Triangle:

“You know, Laurel’s happy now. She moved on.” -Ted (Andy Buckley)

Laurel’s (Allie Gonino) love triangle isn’t between Baz (Adam Brooks) and Justin (Randy Wayne). I’d say it’s more between Justin and her music . . . And let’s just say, music is winning at this point. Let me start by saying that I LOVE Justin! Even after everything he’s done, I still adore him. I just have this gut feeling that his relationship with Laurel is not going to last much longer. Honestly? I give it two more episodes before it explodes into pieces. I’m fine with their relationship being over, it may even be for the better, I just want Randy Wayne to stay on the show. Forever.

4. Rebecca/Alec/Ted Fauxmance:

“You know, you should smile about this. Think of it this way; the closer I get to her, the safer your secret is.” -Alec Rybak

Out of every storyline in this show, the Rebecca/Alec/Ted storyline confuses me the most. I’m usually great at piecing two-and-two together, but with this? It’s inevitable. Now that all of my favorite couples are crumbling, Alec and Rebecca are slowly, but surely rising up on my list. They’re both so sneaky! Even though The Lying Game hasn’t touched upon the whole engagement ring situation since they first brought it up, it still hasn’t left my mind. And the fact that Alec brought up Ted’s ‘secret’? I’m even more curious. Are these two truly interested in each other, or are they plotting? Knowing this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca is planning a pregnancy– just to string him in deeper. It begs the question, though. How far are these two willing to go to accomplish what ever they’re scheming at?!

5. Mads and Emma’s Reveal:

“I’m not Sutton Mercer! I am Emma Becker, her twin sister!” -Emma

Aw snap! It’s not an episode of The Lying Game without an insane cliffhanger to finish off the night. After Sutton . . . Emma . . . whatever. After betraying Mads, Emma found the only way to save her friendship was to come clean. I absolutely loved this! The fact that this all started as an act, and now Emma has become so close to Mads that she doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. It’s amazing, and it shows how far she’s come, but was it truly a smart choice? There’s no telling how Mads will react. She could believe her, or she could think that it’s another Lying Game. (Like earlier in the season with Dan?) It could honestly go either way. I’m hoping for Mads to believe her, only because I’m ready for someone other than Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Ethan to know of the switch.

“Reservations for Two” was not my favorite, and it did seem to lose my interest a few times throughout the episode. It may not have been the most “edge-off-your-seat” show, but overall, I liked it. It did an excellent job telling the stories. We finally got to see Ethan’s background, and another person is added into the loop– maybe. We don’t know if Mads will even believe her. I guess that’s just another reason to watch next week!

Rating: B+


  • Where do you think Ethan and Sutton will go to next?
  • What do you believe is going on with Ted, Alec, and Rebecca?
  • Laurel and Justin?
  • What do you suspect Mads’ reaction will be?


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