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Home TV Happy Endings 2.13 Recap And Review
Happy Endings 2.13 Recap And Review

Happy Endings 2.13 Recap And Review


Happy Endings as if I could not love this show anymore then I already do. “The St. Valentines Day Maxssacre” was such a great episode. It looks as though they seem to pull out all the stops for the holiday-theme episodes.

“Raise the roof for VD sex” –
Dave has special plans this year with his date Lindsey. Jane does NOT like suprises at all. Within two minutes I am already cracking up. Max is trying to get some Valentine’s Day business for his limo “company,” and Max asking the gang to help him out.

Penny is going out with the guy that winks about everything. I don’t see this one lasting long. As usual. Lindsey canceled on a movie date with Dave. Penny telling him about the “break-up” window. Sending Dave a red flag, she then cancels again the next day. Uh oh, maybe Penny was right?

Brad stole this episode pretty much for me. It being he has perfect dental health, paying a visit with an unexpected outcome. A dentist visit with high-larious results.

Alex plans her night out to a college aged keg party–only to get arrested for mistakenly as being a hooker. Yes, that happened.

One of Max limo customers turns out to be his ex-boyfriend Grant (James Wolk). They dated in the past,it ended pretty bad. Max was heartbroken, a year ago to the date Grant broke up with him on Valentine’s Day. Poor Max.

Meanwhile, Dave makes a HUGE mistake, thinking that Lindsey is going to breakup with him. Thanks to the advice err–Penny. No threesome for you Dave. “You got faced”

Penny then get the ax from her date too. Why, because she uses to many abbreviations. Oh that is a valid reason, then again it’s why we love Penny.

The “Friends” reference. LOVED it. Classic. It was bound to happy at some point.

Grant ends up trying it again with Max. They go out in style in a horse and carriage ride. Brad and Jane has no use for it after all. A sweet ending–or should I say a happy ending for the two love birds.


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