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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Dangerous Liaisons
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Dangerous Liaisons

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Dangerous Liaisons


This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries featured a killer party! Literally. Beautiful gowns, dancing, not to mention a few snaps of the neck! The Original Family definitely knows how to throw a party, but we all know what happens when there’s an event in Mystic Falls. Dire consequences.

The Good:

1. The Original Family:

“Rebekah wasn’t even out of her box a day before she tried to ruin my life. What happened to peace? Acceptance? Family?” -Klaus (Joseph Morgan)

The Original Family is your average Brady Bunch . . . but with homicidal vampires. I love how the writer’s made them so relatable. The siblings fight, and the mom has to break it up. Though there’s a twist, besides the obvious vampiric one– Esther (Alice Evans) is crazy. Not to mention, she has one hell of a poker face. She has been saying that she just wants to unite her family again, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, she wants to kill all of her children, because they are still vampires and they are abominations. Cue witchy juju spell. Using Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) blood, she spikes all of the toasting glasses. Every Original (but Esther) takes a sip, and after a spell they are linked as one. If one dies, they all die . . . Including the seemingly immortal hybrid. The fact that Finn (Casper Zafer) was in on it has me even more curious about him. We barely got to see any of him, and I want to know his story! Well, it’s safe to say that the Mikaelson Family is pretty messed up. I like it.

2. Klaus and Caroline:

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light . . . I enjoy you.” -Klaus

Every scene between Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) was amazing. They were definitely the best part of the episode. I just want Caroline and Klaus to hookup already, but I do love the ‘hard to get’ aspect to it. Their relationship is so complex and hard to explain. I absolutely love it. Klaus shared so many things with her, even after she shot him down. The audience is definitely experiencing a softer side of Klaus, and I’m not complaining. Such an unlikely couple, but so perfect at the same time! It’s official, the only person I approve Klaus with is Caroline . . . Or me.

3. Matt:

“I went to a dance and got my hand crushed, found out that I don’t have health insurance, so I just need a minute to myself.” -Matt (Zach Roerig)

This is why I love Matt. He’s such a sweet guy, he just needs a break. Though, I’m glad he almost got killed again. Why? More screen time for Mr. Roerig. He was unfortuantely invited to the ‘Mikaelson’ family’s party . . . As Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) date. Everything is going smoothly, they’re dancing, flirting, and being absolutely gorgeous when Rebekah reveals that since she can’t kill Elena, she’ll hurt her instead. She planned on killing Matt. Not cool. Luckily, she saw his undeniable charm, and stopped the plan. But seeing as Kol is wretched, he thought it was necessary to break Matt’s hand. I’m guessing he planned to do more than that, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) channeled his inner badass, and stopped him before he did some real damage. Now, the only thing left to do is to get Matt health insurance. Seriously.

The Bad:

1. Kol:

“Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am.” -Kol

Okay, I feel like I’m the only one who dislikes Kol. Yes, he’s handsome, yes his accent is dreamy, but come on! He’s like an entitled child. I have to say, Esther’s parenting skills are not up to par.

The fact that he tried to kill Matt makes me hate him so much more as well. We’ve barely seen him at all, but it’s safe to say that he’s my least favorite character. Partly because of his attitude, and partly because he’s mean to Klaus. Not cool.

2. Elena:

I can honestly say, that the only thing I liked about Elena during this episode was her dress and hair. That’s it. During this episode, Elena was extremely selfish. Before all the fans kill me, I found Elena extremely manipulative. It felt as though she was using the Salvatores. I mean, she got Stefan (Paul Wesley) to break Damon’s neck. It seemed as though she’s playing games with them. She’s on one brother’s side whenever they’re doing what she wants. Oh, Damon won’t let her visit Esther alone? Time for her to go manipulate Stefan into doing what she wants.

“Damon won’t let me anywhere near her without protection, and you care about killing Klaus more than you care about anything, so . . . What am I wrong?” -Elena

Let’s just say, I’d rather have Katherine back than Elena acting like her. There’s only room for one manipulative doppelganger in here! The writer’s keep on emphasizing how Damon and Stefan don’t deserve Elena, but after this episode? I think Elena doesn’t deserve them.

Notable Mentions:

– Damon and Rebekah’s sex scene! Hawt!

– The Stefan and Elena almost kiss!

– Damon snapping Kol’s neck. THANK YOU!

– Elena betraying Elijah’s trust… Again.

– Tyler’s sweet voice message.

Overall, I loved the episode. My favorite part had to either be Klaus and Caroline or the epic dance sequence. The writing was phenomenal, and the dresses . . . The dresses were flawless. I have to admit, this episode went by SO fast. When the title card went up, I was utterly shocked! I couldn’t believe an hour had passed by so soon. Thursday cannot come quick enough!



  • Favorite moment?
  • Rebekah and Matt or Rebekah and Damon? Or Neither?
  • Predictions on the fate of the Originals?
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  1. I totally agree! I’ve been this for weeks for Elena doesn’t deserve any of the Salvatores especially Stefan….hmmpphh! I love your review! Except that I don’t think Kol is all bad…he was stuck in coffin for hundreds of years…now that must stir up so anger in. Person!

  2. My fave moment was the dance between damon and elena. I am pretty much in agreement with you about everything. I am loving the chemistry between klaus and caroline, but I also love tyler and caroline. The way elena did damon last night got on my nerves! she knows how he is and that he is not human. she needs tochoose her words a little more carefully! and Kol is on my last nerve! don’t care for esther either! I kept wanting elena to warn elijah! can’t wait to see more!

  3. Ha! I’m actually liking Esther! I don’t want her plan to succeed, but I actually like what I’ve seen of the character so far. 🙂

    And Loretta, Caroline definitely has chemistry with everyone. That’s what I love about the actress, Candice Accola. I love her with Matt, Klaus, Tyler, even Stefan and Damon. 🙂


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