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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Skin Deep
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Skin Deep

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Skin Deep


Is love truly skin deep? During this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, they finally explored one of my favorite fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast. Like every story, this retelling had a twist. Between the hour of pure amazement, we witnessed a broken tea cup, an engagement, and a card exchange fail among epic proportions. This was one of the best OUAT episodes in awhile. And let’s just say, the ending had us on the edge of our seat!

The Fairytale World:

“You just don’t think I can love you. Now you’ve made your choice, and you’re going to regret it. Forever. All you’ll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.” -Belle (Emilie de Ravin)

I say this every week, but honestly! This is supposed to be a Fairytale world, a land where dreams come true? Definitely not the case! Especially during this episode. When Belle becomes Rumplestiltskin’s (Robert Carlyle) slave, she slowly starts to see him for the man he truly is. She starts falling for him, and he does the same for her. One day when they’re opening up about their pasts, Belle asks Mr. Rumple about his son. Being the secluded man that he is, he prompts her to leave his chambers to go into the city, expecting her to never return. She was close to escaping forever, when she runs into none other than the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla). Seeing as it IS the Evil Queen, it’s obvious that she’s up to no good. She reveals to Belle that true love’s kiss can break any curse. Having realized her true feelings for Mr. Rumple, Belle returns to him to help break the curse. Doesn’t go over too well. It becomes evident that power is more important to Rumplestiltskin than love– or so we thought.

Evil Queen: “After she got home, her fiance had gone missing. And after her stay here– her association with you– no one would want her, of course. Her father shunned her. Cut her off, shut her out.”

It was obvious to the audience that Rumplestiltskin had feelings for Belle, but honestly? I think he didn’t realize how in love with her he truly was. It hit him when the Evil Queen was delivering the news of her death. The realization on his face was heartbreaking. Though, he should know better than to trust the Evil Queen.


“Now that we’ve been honest with each other, let’s remember how things used to be, shall we? And don’t let these bars fool you, dear. I’m the one with the power around here.” -Mr. Gold

It’s Valentine’s day in Storybrooke! I have to say, I am genuinely crushed that Graham (Jamie Dornan) wasn’t there to celebrate it. Can you imagine Graham taking Emma (Jennifer Morrison) on a date for V-day? Once Upon a Time, depriving the fans of mega cuteness. Luckily, they made up for it. While Mary (Ginnifer Goodwin), Ruby (Meghan Ory), and Ashley (Jessy Schram) were out for their girl’s night, three extremely epic things happened.

1. Sean (Tim Phillipps) proposed to Ashley! Men should take notes from Sean. He was the only guy in this episode that didn’t make an ass out of himself. And seeing as he was up against Prince Charming, that’s saying something. But no, David AKA Charming messed up. Big time.

2. David (Josh Dallas) gave Mary the wrong card. I had to add this in here. I could not stop laughing! Horrible move. Especially since it pretty much ended my favorite couple’s relationship . . . Temporarily. We all know they’re bound to get back together. (Did you SEE that preview for the next episode?!)

3. Mr. Gold gets violent! After Moe French (Eric Keenleyside) breaks into his house, Mr. Gold takes it into his own hands to get his stuff back. It is later revealed that the precious item that he stole was the chipped tea cup. I loved how they tied that in! And the rage and anger Mr. Gold expressed whilst beating him . . . Simply heartbreaking. This scene was probably my favorite throughout the entire episode.

Okay, I absolutely LOVED this episode! Every single aspect to it. Honestly one of the best episodes thus far. I have honestly missed Emilie de Ravin on my TV screen, and seeing her on OUAT was refreshing and reminded me of why I love her as an actress. Her chemistry with Robert Carlyle was phenomenal. The big thing that was missing during the last episode was chemistry, and seeing as this was their Valentine’s Day episode? It was needed. They definitely delivered, if I do say so myself. OUAT’s retelling of one of my favorite stories was flawless, and that cliffhanger. Let’s just say, Sunday’s are truly magical when it comes to this show. Can’t wait.



  • Favorite moment?
  • How do you think the tone will change now that Regina is fully aware of Mr. Gold’s memory?
  • Rumplestiltskin and Belle? Loving it, hating it, no preference?
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  1. I loved every single moment of it. My favorite part was when she chipped the cup and she was so scared he was going to yell at her and he ended up saying it was only a cup. I’m glad they decided to deepen Rumplestiltskin’s story with Belle, rather than just add another prince to the story. Great development of the characters.

  2. Having just mocked the idea of a Rumpelstiltskin romance about a week ago, I’m having a good laugh at myself over this one. Rumple/Belle pairing = LOVING it!

  3. Considering chip was probably my favorite character from the Disney Beauty and the Beast movie, even if he isn’t a talking teacup in the show I still love how they brought that into it. Also I’d been wondering if Rumple and the Queen knew the truth so that was satisfying to see. I’ll root for Rumple he’s my favorite in this show so far.

  4. I loved every minute of Skin Deep!!! I literally was on the edge of my seat and when David gave Mary-Margaret the wrong card that said “I woof you”, so sad but funny at the same time. Those 2 are so damn cute. I admit it, I have a crush on Mr. Gold. He is hot!!!!! Not so much when he’s cackling as Rumplestiltskin but Robert Carlyle is unbelievable!As a Lostie, I was thrilled to see Claire/Emily and she was fabulous! I am so into this show, I can’t wait to see what they do next!The casting is superb and the stories are engrossing, I love all of it!!


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