‘The Lying Game’ Review: No Country for Young Love

It’s not a Monday without betrayal, heartbreak, and a whole bunch of drama! This week’s episode of The Lying Game featured all of that and more. Between the forbidden lip-locks, college parties, and accusations of murder– it’s no question that this episode was just as insane as any other. There were questions answered, and questions raised. But one thing’s for sure, I loved this episode.

1. Mads is in the Loop:

“This is so, completely insane! You, Sutton, the two of you, twins?!” -Mads (Alice Greczyn)

Wow, Mads actually believed them! I thought that it might take a tad bit more convincing, but seeing as Emma (Alexandra Chando) had Thayer (Christian Alexander) there to fend for her story, I’m not surprised. Now there is officially another person to help in the quest for . . . Many things. The search for Emma/Sutton’s birth-mother, Derek’s killer, and a way for Ethan (Blair Redford) to be proven innocent. Since the beginning of the series, we haven’t seen many sides of Mads, so I’m very interested to see where her involvement in the unofficial Scooby gang leads.

2. Sutton and Ethan:

“Look, I appreciate what you’re trying to do for my dad and me. But right now, maybe it’s best if we just keep our distance.” -Ethan (Blair Redford)

I’ll admit, I love Ethan and Emma, they’re my favorite couple on the show, but Ethan and Sutton? I’m conflicted. Honestly, I think Sutton is too conniving to ever be in a serious relationship with Ethan. He deserves better, and Sutton needs to have time to grow up. On her own. Yes, she was extremely helpful with Ethan’s family situation, and she has been surprisingly bearable, but the fact that she’s screwing over her twin sister? Not cool. If I had a dollar for every time Sutton had a devious smile on her face during this episode, I’d be freaking rich. I’ll admit, there were a few genuine moments between them, but other moments seemed forced. And let me just say, I am extremely disappointed in Ethan for giving into Sutton’s games. It’s going to have some serious repercussions. Ethan getting caught by the FBI, I think it’s karma. Cheat on Emma? Get thrown in jail. (Not really.)

3. Ethan and Ben Bonding:

“My way with you, Ethan, hasn’t always been right. And I’m sorry.” -Ben Whitehorse (Gil Birmingham

Okay, it’s official. Ben and Ethan have the most dimensional relationship on the show. How the writer’s wrote them, truly beautiful. The father-son chemistry between Gil and Blair is absolutely amazing. We have only seen two episodes of the two communicating, and their relationship is already the most complex on the show. (Besides Justin and Laurel’s relationship.You cannot get more complicated than that.) Ethan believed for years that it was his fault that his mom left, but his father reassured him that it wasn’t. Ben wanted to believe it was Ethan’s fault, but he revealed that he was only lying to himself when he blamed Ethan for her leaving. This wins the best scene of the night award.

4. The Scooby Gang:

“Okay, so I searched the fraternity social calendar. There is a party tomorrow night, but I have no idea how we’re gonna get in.” Thayer

Emma is hell-bent on proving Ethan’s innocence, while Thayer and Mads are hell-bent on proving Alec’s (Adrian Pasdar). The three go to a fraternity party, a party with connections that link between Derek and Alec. Before I get into this, let me just say that when Mads was flirting with the very attractive college guy, Thayer just stood there! He didn’t even cringe. I found this funny, and slightly unrealistic. Most brother’s would be watching their younger sister like a hawk, but no. It was all chill, but luckily it got the job done! Kind of. Emma had to chase an unlikely suspect out of the party just to get answers. The guy revealed that he was there the night Derek died, and he saw exactly who killed him. Alec Rybak. Cue extremely loud, intense music.

5. Laurel Being Honest:

“When I look at you, I turn into something I don’t like. Someone who’s crazy and stupid. And I need to be honest with my family, and with you.” -Laurel (Allie Gonino)

There goes one of my favorite couples! I knew the relationship was bound to end, but this soon? I thought they would drag it out just a bit longer, but you can’t always get what you want. I honestly don’t think this will be the last of Justin (Randy Wayne) and Laurel. He’s going to fight for her. In previous episodes, characters have emphasized on the fact that they thought Justin was, for lack of a better word, crazy. I’m hoping to see some of that craziness come to light. Justin is usually calm and collected– when things are going his way. What lengths will he go to to have Laurel’s affection again? This could possibly be a very interesting route to take with his character. I just hope the writer’s don’t dispose of his character. That would be an insult to the show, and to the actor. Plus, my TV needs Randy Wayne every week. It’s a necessity.

Obviously, I loved this episode! Cliffhanger aside, it was extremely entertaining! Rebecca and Kristin’s confrontations with Ted, Sutton and Ethan’s hook-up, and the realization of Alec’s involvement in the murder was a dark twist. I honestly didn’t see it coming. It seemed too obvious at first for Alec to have direct involvement in Derek’s murder. But this begs the question: how will this effect the rest of the series? Is there a third party in this? Or will Alec take the fall? Or even worse, will Ethan? I’m hoping the actual killer is a character we haven’t been introduced to yet. Why? Because Blair Redford and Adrian Pasdar are flawless. I cannot imagine the show without them.



  • Favorite moment?
  • How will Ethan get out of his current situation?
  • Are you happy with Laurel’s choice to leave Justin?
  • Thoughts on the Ethan/Sutton hook-up?


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  1. I loved your review, and I agree that scene with Ethan and his Dad was the best scene of the episode. Ethan is my favorite and I was so glad to finally see some of his history.