New Girl 1.13 Recap And Review

Jess and the gang gave us the most bizarre episode to date ‘Valentine’s Day’. This week on New Girl we found Jess and Schmidt single and looking for a Valentine hookup. Jess after being single for so long, want to get a little strange. Yes, Jess wants some strange, ya’ll. If you can believe that. It’s all about what “little Jess” wants to tonight. Jess goes to Schmidt to be her wingman.

Winston wants to work on his relationship with Shelby, asking her on a real first date, and Nick wants to spend the evening with Julia, only to have to spend the night at work with her. At the bar, Schmidt and CeCe are helping out Jess find that one lucky guy for Jess.

Sidebar, “The Vampire Diaries” get’s an awesome shout out.

CeCe and Schmidt advise Jess that her “one night stand” should be with someone she has no emotional connection with. Duh, you think? Well, then again, us girls tend to do so anyway.

Jess chats it up with a guy, Oliver – Meeting him after he comes to her rescue. In only way Jess can make choking funny. Oh did I forget to mention, Jess also brings along her extremely large box of condoms. Yes, to the bar. I’m speechless.

Later, CeCe’s date shows up, Kyle. He has already gotten his party started early, having already eaten three shrooms’. This is where this night takes an insane turn.

Needing a ride back to Oliver’s place, Schmidt tags along with them. They wind up watching a movie together. Can things get anymore awkward.

At Julia’s law office, Nick is bored and spends the night hanging with Julia’s assistant Cliff. Having a few drinks to past the time. Nick tells Cliff a story about after dropping out of law school, that he finally got sick of working for someone else. Cliff then realizes he really doesn’t want to be an assistant and quits.

Winston’s relationship seems to be on the right path, I see someone believe’s in second chances.

A chick fight breaks out, and CeCe goes to pick up Schmidt from Oliver’s place. To find that Amy (Oliver’s ex-girlfriend) starts making out with Kyle. Can a girl get a one night stand around here? Guess it was not meant to be for Jess.

After getting Amy and Oliver back together, Jess goes home. Schmidt telling Jess that her first one night stand should be with someone she knows, and will not make a big deal out of it. Hmm, I guess that is good advice, coming from Schmidt.

Jess then suddenly, has a “light bulb” moment. SCHMIDT! Is THAT guy. Quickly, goes to make the move. Not so fast, Nick shows up. Killing her plan. The very last thing, shocking to most was not a shock to me at all. Well, at least someone in the house got “lucky” on this Valentine’s night. Lucky dog!

New Girl is such an odd, strange and even quirky at times. I loved every moment of this week’s episode. Truly the most insane one yet.

Favorite lines:
“There are youths everywhere”-Schmidt (worried about Jess getting home safely)
“I’m just going to eat lunch off that butt”-Jess (talking about Oliver)
“Spoiler alert, It’s his penis”-Schmidt (Telling CeCe what her date’s surprise really is)

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  1. This episode was great. I’m just gonna start saying “street youths” all the time haha.