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Home TV Happy Endings Recap: Everybody Loves Grant
Happy Endings Recap: Everybody Loves Grant

Happy Endings Recap: Everybody Loves Grant


Even when it’s not the funniest or most laugh out loud episode, I still thoroughly enjoy Happy Endings. In this week’s episode, we get to see why everyone is crazy over Max’s “new” boyfriend Grant, Jane and Brad are sick of not having a fun couple to hangout with, and Dave really want to show why he is the “cool guy” of the group.

Alex, Jane and Penny really, really like Grant – So much they plot a way to get him to come fix the garbage disposal. Jane is to blame for the heads up on his handyman skills, and Penny is the most cheesy way possible and even gets Grant to lose his shirt. I really love the chemistry between the girls in this episode, everyone has their moment to shine.

Poor Dave trying seriously way to hard to get attention from everyone. Showing off his “Dave 2.0” look circa 90’s David Caruso. Confused, just google it.

Max is really having a hard time dealing with why everyone loves Grant so much. How much? So much it’s getting “cray”. Seriously, they become like puppy dogs around Grant, it’s bananas.

Dave, still not giving up on trying to one up Grant, protests that everyone should just “chillax”. Um, do people even say that anymore?

Well that “sooks”, Penny upset about her plans with Brad and Jane are cancelled.

Max is freaking out BIG TIME! Everyone this that Grant is the perfect guy. I love Max, seriously. I wish he’d have more confidence. Max thinks that he’ll see he is not good enough for him, hence he will wind up dumping him. Aw, Max. He’s out to prove he is NOT the perfect guy, so of course, he plans on breaking up with him before that happens.

Alex suggest that he take Grant out for dinner. Oh but of course, Jane and Brad show up, then Sean with Penny – Mind you it was by “accident”. Really, they all just wanted to have more time with Grant. Pure comedy madness ensues. Oh yeah, Alex shows up as well, then Brad on a motorcycle. Seriously the funniest scene, side-splitting humor.

Finally after being feed up, Grant confesses that he was only trying to impress them. Knowing that they usually hate anyone that any of them date. Max is happy to know now that Grant does have a flaw. I see this lasting awhile. I hope.

Ending the evening, Brad and Jane get what they think is an indecent proposal from Sean. Nope, not what you may think. You can get your mind out the gutter now.

Not my favorite episode this season, but I am sure there will be more crazy antics to come. I’m looking forward to what is to come next week.


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