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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: What Happened to Frederick
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: What Happened to Frederick

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: What Happened to Frederick


Wow, where do I even begin? Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time was killer. A siren, a slap, and a missing person? If you love Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), than you probably enjoyed this episode. It had the perfect amount of drama, angst, and beautiful men.

The Fairytale World:

“If I succeed you will be reunited with Frederick and your misery ends. If I fail, the misery that ends will be mine.” -Prince Charming

Even after being rejected, Prince Charming still refused to give up on Snow White. He tries to run away from his kingdom, but he doesn’t get very far. Abigail (Anastasia Griffith) captures him, and to his (and our) surprise, she doesn’t want to marry him either. This was really shocking, because Prince Charming is the perfect catch. I mean, look at those eyes! In reality, she was in love with her previous fiance, one who was turned into gold trying to protect her and her father. Cue epic plot twist. The usual curse breaker, ‘True Loves Kiss’, didn’t work. Now, to help Abigail, Prince Charming goes into deadly waters to try and break the curse. This is where it gets interesting. Once Prince Charming arrives at the waters, he is greeted by a siren. At first he wasn’t falling for her tricks, but the second she turned into his heart’s desire, all of his will-power melted away.

“This is not real love. I’ve felt it, and this isn’t it. I know the difference.” -Prince Charming

Luckily he snapped out of it! He ended up killing the siren, and returning back to give Abigail the water she needed to break the curse on her fiance. One happy ending down, so many others to go. Number one on the list: Snow White and Prince Charming!


“David, this isn’t love. What we have is something else entirely. What we have is destructive, and it has to stop.” -Mary Margaret

Before I even get into the whole Mary Margaret/David drama, I must talk about the mysterious stranger! We finally have a name to place with that gorgeous face! August W. Booth (Eion Bailey)! Interesting. I must admit, he’s no Graham (Jamie Dornan), but he does seem to be an excellent fit for Emma (Jennifer Morrison). He takes her out for a very peculiar drink. He takes her to a well (the same one in the Fairytale World) that is said to return something you have lost. It definitely worked its magic! Although I wish it would have returned Graham, even though that would be kind of scary and really hard to explain, the item returned was a sweet plot-line. August sneakily returned Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) storybook to Emma. I actually loved how they tied that in there. It was a sweet distraction from all the MM/David/Kathryn/Regina (Lana Parrilla) drama. Sadly, with this episode? It’s inevitable to escape it.

Mary Margaret and David are definitely the most fought for couple on OUAT. The only thing is, there are so many obstacles preventing them from truly being together. Number one being… a wife. David and MM come to an agreement to tell Kathryn the truth, but David chickens out and Regina beats them to the punch… Or should I say slap? Let me just add that Storybrooke is horrible! Writing cruel things on cars, giving MM stares. Not cool. At first Kathryn is angry, but then she realizes that MM and David are meant for each other, and that all she really wants is love like theirs. But it’s never really that simple, is it?

As always, I adored this week’s OUAT. Usually I favor the Fairytale side of the story over the Storybrooke side, but both parts equally kept my interest. Although the dialogue, at times, was a bit unnatural, it ultimately pulled through. It’s funny how Prince Charming does all the right things, but when it comes to David, he does all the wrong things. It’s the glory of the curse! I just want MM and David together, as well as Kathryn and Frederick. Too bad you can’t have two individuals be together if one of them is missing. I cannot believe they’re making us wait two weeks!

Side Note:

A few weeks ago, one of our readers commented saying that they believed that August’s fairytale counter-part was Pinocchio. At first I wasn’t convinced, but August said something during this episode that made me think otherwise.

“Say what you want about me, but I always tell the truth.” -August

Time to discuss!



  • What Happened to Kathryn?
  • Who do you think August’s fairytale counter-part is?
  • Did you miss Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) during this episode?
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  1. Yes, I missed Robert Carlyle… I’m no expert, but if his performance last week doesn’t earn him some type of an award.I for one,will be vastl
    y disappointed. I loved his role in “Stargate Universe” as well. If he is being typecast, I’m all for it.
    this weeks episode just pointed out David’s lack of almost everything. I can’t fathom giving the wrong valentine in his situation or his wussiness.

  2. love rumple.. the episode wasnt the same w/o him. didnt care for david in this one. he clearly doenst want to hurt anyone feelings but not telling the truth/being honest he hurt everyone. why does regina what david and katherine together? burning david’s note had something to do with her disappearance. just not sure what happened exactly to her. as for august’s fairytale counterpart i still think he is a grimm brother

  3. I have believed from Day 1 that August is the black knight who works for the Queen. He was “changing” the book of Fairy Tales. THAT’S MESSED UP! And the fact that you didn’t mention that, is a bit ridiculous. He says he always tells the truth, but I think otherwise.

    Rumple…yea, I missed him TERRIBLY this episode. I really want him to beat the crap out of Regina when he finds out she is keeping Belle in a psych ward. David also seems like a MAJOR WUSS. Why can’t he be more like his fairytale counterpart?

    Also, true love’s kiss breaks the spell. Hmmm, here we go. Let’s discuss that. I think Abigail in the fairy tale world could not break it, because Frederick’s lips were not exposed. Also, let’s think back to Emma kissing Sheriff Graham and then he begins to remember his fairy tale life. That was true love’s kiss breaking the spell with him. However, when David and MM kissed, why didn’t they remember??? Inconsistencies in the writing of this show, and I am starting to get mad about it!


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