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Happy Endings: The Butterfly Effect Effect

Happy Endings: The Butterfly Effect Effect


Ready for a spring breakdown? I sure am. This week’s Happy Endings gives us Max being such a ‘bear,’ Jane and Brad in ‘fight mode, and’ Alex, Penny and Jane wanting to just ‘exhale.’ Who enjoys getting a “bro-zilian”.

The gang is ready for winter to just be over already. Max has been hibernating all winter long, and it shows. Dave, Penny and Alex long for the annual visit to “Chophouse” to celebrate spring on the dime of Brad and Jane. Every winter, Jane and Brad have a huge argument over nothing, hinting that spring is near. Dave is worried that his ‘Team Brad’ and ‘Team Jane’ T-shirts will not be put to use, so they have a plan to give the couple fight a nudge.

Oh my gosh, the T-shirts are so “Kewt”. Totally.

Meanwhile, Penny really wants to be there for Jane after having her fight with Brad. She even buys ‘flowy pants’ by Angela Bassett.

At the bar, Dave asks about a good strip club that he could recommend. Being that he was once known as ‘Mr. Strip Club.’ Jane was cool with it back then, she even uses Brad’s phone to call a place, when she notices that Brad is Facebook friends with his ex-girlfriend. The couple fight ensues and they take it outside. Alex, Penny and Dave are enjoying it, completely unaware they are just putting on a show for them.

Loved how clueless Alex is on referencing “The Butterfly Effect” more then once. “Be careful, that one little movie that lead Ashton Kutcher to doing a lot of bad movies.” So true, well said.

Wanting to cheer Jane up, Alex joins them to have some girl bonding time. Jane just wants to vent about being so angry at Brad. Alex rather just watch Clueless, which leads Jane to wanting an old school sleepover. Penny is not happy about it, being that she has always felt left out. Jane and Alex would always speak to each other using gibberish. Penny gives it a whirl anyway. Nope, she really is clueless.

At home, Brad and Jane arrive home to find that someone left the balcony door open. Leading to them having a real fight over it. “Oh, no you didn’t,” Brad to Jane (using a very high pitched voice) after Jane tells him she like his hair better long.

Jane finally confesses to Alex and Penny that the fight was just a rouse. Penny goes to the aid of the couple to help them work things out. Shockingly, it does. Giving thanks to the power of the pants.

The time has come, and spring has arrived (well, it’s just sunny). Max is fully shaven and showered. Yay, Max!
Off to the Chophouse they go, finally.

As usual, I loved this episode. Stealing my heart the most were Max (Adam Pally). Insanely funny moments with him being such a ham (well, bear). Loved. every. moment.

Favorite lines:
“Congrats on those, you got them thangs.” (Dave)- about Penny’s bra size
“Wow, she really marches to the beat of her own very slow drummer” (Penny)- about Alex’s ‘dumb’ moment
“Hello, Blade” (Brad)- about Dave’s outfit
“Burn, freezer burn” (Alex)- to Penny on putting her bras in the freezer
“Don’t poke the bear baby” (Brad)- telling Dave not to poke Max


  1. Favourite moment of this episode,
    Jane: Bird!
    Brad: You having a stroke? It’s Brad..

    So subtle yet absolutely hilarious. Love this show!!


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