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Happy Endings: ‘Cocktails & Dreams’

Happy Endings: ‘Cocktails & Dreams’


Happy Endings was all about too much booze, weird sex dreams.

I was glad to see Max’s boyfriend Grant is back. He’s very easy on the eyes. Penny decides to go on a sugar cleanse. Alex then jumps in to join her. She can’t do it alone.

Dave gets a liquor license for his food trunk. It then suddenly is a hot spot. He’s back in business. Everyone is loving it.
Specialty drink is a “whores bath”.

Must be something in the alcohol, everyone is having sex dreams about Dave. Which I find hilarious, really. It’s just plain creepy.

Jane is the first one, she wakes up. Doing her “sex dream gasp”. Brad immediately knows this. He then 10 minutes later has a dream himself.

Colin Hanks makes a cameo. Not much to say, just wanted to get it out there.

I loved how stoked Alex is to be on the cleanse. Meanwhile, Penny was on edge. Literally. I loved the flash back of all the terrible ideas that Dave has had in the past. Something called a “boxer thong” Business in the front, party in the rear.”

At breakfast, Penny confides in Brad and Jane about her dream too. Jane then has a light bulb moment. Dave has been haunting their sex dreams, Freddy Krueger style. Funniest moment of then night. Dave just happens to walk in with an outfit that very similar to what Jane’s thought was. Of course, Brad gives his loud girly scream. I still laugh every single time.

Penny is breaks her cleanse, she is secretly eating waffles and all types breakfast goodies. Alex comes in. She totally panics. Hiding the food on top of her ceiling fan. She know something is up. Penny says “It’s hot in here”. Alex turns on the fan. She is so busted.

Max comes into Penny’s room. He’s happy “Ooh, “floor bacon.” Yum.

I am kind of bummer about the whole Max and Grant relationship. Should have seen this coming. Max tells him how much he enjoys spending time with him. Maybe one day they will get married, have kids. Not so fast, Grant does not want to have children. Typical sitcom cliche. I think so, I’m bummed. I really liked Grant.

So there goes the relationship. Back to being childish, silly Max. Alex’s new friends since her cleanse make a very odd request, sending her running back to food. Yes, the classic rib eating that we know and love Alex for. So much for that, what less then a week.

In the end. I found myself saying. “What the hell was in those drinks.”. May not be a shock for some, Alex winds up in bed (again) with Dave.

Favorite lines:
“Penny you know me we’ve made love.”(Max)
“Ew. Ugh.” (Penny)
“I think you mean, “Ugh-mazing”. (Max)

“This morning, I didn’t like fritatas, and now if you told me I could never have one again. I’d kill you in cold blood. Assassin style.” (Max to Grant)

“So did I rub some dryer sheets on my pits and splash some water on my “hush” in the bathroom of a “Au Bon Pain” yes I did.” (Penny)


  1. “Did I rub some dryer sheets on my pits and splash some water on my hush in the bathroom of an Au Bon Pain? Yes, I did.”
    Funniest line ever!!!


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