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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Dreamy
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Dreamy

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: Dreamy


Once Upon A Time is finally back! After waiting two dreadful weeks to find out the answer to our most pressing question: Where happened to Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith)?! Now, we may not have found out the answer to that question, but we’re getting pretty close. Not only that, but another story was told. And as always, this story had love and heartbreak. Let’s just say that faith, trust, and pixie dust wasn’t enough to bring together a happy ending… At least in the Fairytale World.

The Fairytale World:

“I’m a dwarf. I can’t love. ” -Dreamy/Grumpy (Lee Arenberg)

In this episode, we come to realize that dwarves are hatched from eggs, get their names from their tools, are only men, and they do not, under any circumstance, fall in love. But after being sprinkled by some fairy dust, Dreamy AKA Grumpy starts to mess up the system! He falls in love with the adorable fairy, Nova (Amy Acker). After a night watching fireflies, their love blooms fast. A little too fast, actually. This was honestly the only thing I didn’t like about this episode. The fact that their deep, deep love happened in the time span of two days. Talk about love at first sight? Regardless, it didn’t last. Nova and Dreamy had a plan to sail away to see the world. As Dreamy set off to find Nova, he gets ambushed by the head dwarf and head fairy in charge. He is faced with an ultimatum. Forget about Nova, and have her become a Fairy Godmother, or go with Nova and have her lose her wings. His choice was clear, seeing as he loved her too much to hurt her. After returning to the mines he breaks, not only Nova’s heart, but also his mining tool, he is placed with a new name. Grumpy.


“You know, someone once told me . . . You can do anything as long as you can dream it.” -Astrid

Who knew candles could bring two people together? The town harlot and the town drunk, working together for a great cause? Yeah, doesn’t go over that well. After the whole scandal with David (Josh Dallas), MM (Ginnifer Goodwin) struggles to find volunteers to sell candles for nuns. She soon gets an odd volunteer, Mr. Leroy, Grumpy’s Storybrooke counter-part. Though, he has a motive. He’s fallen head-over-heels for Astrid, a . . . Nun. He tells her that he’ll be able to sell 1000 candles, and it definitely takes a few creative tries. Knocking door-to-door, trying to sell a boat, causing the power to go out of the whole town. He eventually accomplishes his ‘dream’ and scores a date with Astrid! Yay!

Now, I could go into the whole deal with Kathryn, but we didn’t find out that much information! All we know is that David is the #1 suspect. I have a feeling that it was either Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) doing, or that when she tried to leave, she somehow remembered everything. Like, she might be wandering around in the woods searching for answers? So. Many. Possibilities!

I think it’s impossible for me not to love an episode of OUAT! It’s the highlight of my weekend. This episode was no exception! I absolutely adored it. I think the chemistry between Grumpy and Nova was precious. Amy Acker is one talented chick. Oh, and I LOVED how they brought Emilie de Ravin’s character in for a short bit. Yes, at times it got a little carried away, but that’s exactly what I love about this show. But besides the point, that preview for next week’s episode looks killer! . . . Literally. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I guess we’ll find out next week!



  • Favorite moment during last night’s episode?
  • Do you think David had anything to do with Kathryn’s disappearance?
  • Now that you have some back-story, what are your thoughts on Grumpy?
  • Why doesn’t Mr. Gold like Nuns? Because their Fairies?
  • Are you as excited for next week as FanBolt?
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  1. It was an OK episode. I wish, like you, that they had drawn out the relationship longer in fairy tale land. It wouldn’t have taken much screen time to show them meeting up several times over the course of a year or so as she returned to collect fairy dust, formulating their plan to run away and setting more of a stage for Dreamy’s misgivings about destroying her dream of becoming a fairy godmother. It felt very rushed. It illustrates my only real complaint with the show so far. The main characters are getting a nice drawn out treatment (I’m most invested in Rumple, like many other fans). The side characters get very abbreviated, rushed back stories. I like those episodes far less. I’d give this a C, but I’ll go C+ for Amy Acker. (Our first Grimm/OUAT crossover actor!)

  2. Bob,
    That wouldn’t have been possible as the faries only collect the fairy dust once every YEAR, not several times per year. Just a nitpick, I know but that is why The “Blue Fairy” told her that “next year” she would be picking it up by herself and then when she did Dreamy had just turned 1 so it had been a year since the last pick up.


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