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Happy Endings Review: Big White Lies

Happy Endings Review: Big White Lies


I had mixed feelings about this episode of Happy Endings. Did I love it or just like it? We find out how one lie can just snowball into a HUGE lie. “Big White Lies” starts off with Penny not wanting to have tea with Daphne (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) a friend from grade school. She makes up a lie to blow her off. Only to later on, she runs into her outside. Penny then proceeds to tell her that they are going to Jane and Brad’s lake house. Why? Their apartment is being painted, due to a leak.

Dave and Max are having problems with their landlord Darren (Ben Palcone). He feels as though they are having way too many visitors, so they must be subletting. Max is up to his usually shenanigans inventing “the trove” a.k.a. The Trash Can Stove. Darren refuses to fix their stove.

Alex has to crash at Dave and Max’s place. Alex and Max have been playing so well off each other that they decide it would be fun to pretend if the three of them be a modern day “Three’s Company” gang – Dave being “Janet” of course.

After a run, Brad runs into Daphne. She wants to know why they are not at the lake house. Brad tells her Jane was sick, and now she is better. She jumps to the conclusion, quickly – Omg, is Jane pregnant? Yes, she is. The web o’ lies continues. It just keeps getting bigger, that snow ball.

Jane has now been sucked into the “lying game.” Brad rushes home to tell Jane everything. “She cornered me.” Penny reacts saying “I told you.” So now Daphne believes she is indeed expecting. Oh Jane, what have you gotten yourself into now? Jane somehow winds up telling Daphne that she always liked her. Can they dig the hole a bit deeper? Yep. Guess who’s having a baby shower? Jane, seriously congrats! Alex is the hostess. Oh no, Daphne insisted on co-hosting with Alex, even ven doing the favor of hosting it at her friend Kat’s restaurant.

Penny goes to Alex’s shop to tell her she has to host the baby shower with Daphne. She is very resistant to the idea. Daphne comes by to make Alex’s to make her feel bad. She could have been married and expecting a child if things had worked out with Dave. Telling Daphne no big deal, I’m a lesbian. Say what now? Oh Alex, nice move. So it is cool if Daphne wants to ask Dave out on a date, right? Wrong. He’s totally dying. It’s terminal Alex tells her. Oh wow, no she did not. Yep, nice one Alex.

At Dave’s, Alex shows up to tell him what happened. We see Darren has an interest in Alex. She totally blows him off. Ouch. Alex and Max are loving the “hiding game” a la “Three’s Company” style. As I have said before the chemistry of these two is too much. I love it. Dave has a hard time understanding why Alex thinks he should not go out with Daphne. Since he is so sick, she comes by to see how he is feeling. She leaves him with her number in case he needs anything.

Penny gets everyone together to make sure they all have their story straight. Jane is very much against lying about being pregnant. Seriously, remember “The Kerkovich Way” Jane needs to get off her “high horse.” Just saying.

Later, at the apartment, Darren shows up to find Max playing with his homemade stove (cough) death wish. Great, so now Darren has an excuse to evict them. Max then tells him that he knows for a fact that Alex is into him. Of course, how else could he save them from losing the apartment? Darren is then invited to the baby shower.

Dave being such a good guy, wanted to tell Daphne the truth. Max, of course, having yet another genius idea locks ocks Dave in the apartment to prevent him from doing so. Yes, leaving your best friend locked in the apartment a.k.a deathtrap. Not too smart.

At the baby shower, Penny has hired people to attend the party. Alex breaks out her best Ellen dance moves. Loved it. Seriously you guys, I was cracking up.

Alex meanwhile is enjoying the company of Kat. Arm wrestling anyone? Darren finally shows up to put the moves on Alex.

Opening up gifts Jane and Brad get into an argument over whether or not Jane would be breastfeeding. Penny goes to get Alex, telling her to go seduce Darren. Difficult task, when you’re in full lesbian mode. She does so “slow mo” style. They dance towards each other. The use of a wind machine did help.

Oops, Brad and Jane get so heated up, without warning spilling the truth. “There is no baby.” Well, the party is over ya’ll.

Not dying, Dave shows up – almost though, thanks to Max. Penny finally confronts Daphne about not wanting to have tea with her. Darren loves tea though, and the two wind up leaving together. This leaves Penny feeling the burn this time around.

Jane and Brad decide to take the leap. What the heck. Let’s buy a lake house. Everyone is happy, cheering them on.

There is a cute little infomercial at the end with Max trying to sell (Patent Pending) his “Trash Can Stove” to the masses.

It had its funny moments. I loved the Three’s Company and Revenge shout outs. I am bummed that next week is the season finale though. Hoping it goes out with a bang. I am very hopeful of a season three pick up by ABC. Just a matter of time.

Favorite Lines:

  • “A suit?, Why does a baby need a suit. Huh? What does he have a job? He’s not fooling anybody! (Brad)
  • You’re not the only one good at this game ‘Emily Thorne’ (Max)
  • Hey Top Gun” (Max)
  • In your sleep is a pretty chill way to go” (Max)


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