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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: The Stranger
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: The Stranger

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review: The Stranger


Ahh! Can we all take a moment to fangirl over how epic this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time was? I have to say, it truly baffles me how amazing this show is. I always think it can’t get any better, but each week it does! Every week supplies a new plot twist, more back-story, and it makes me just love these character even more. This week? It was time for August (Eion Bailey) to tell his story!

The Fairytale World:

“Sometimes we have to lie to protect the people we love.” -Geppetto (Tony Amendola)

It’s the story of Pinocchio! After waiting weeks to finally figure out the identity of August, the truth finally comes out! His story is pretty basic. Man makes puppet, fairy does spell, puppet becomes a real boy. And then you throw in some massive nose growing somewhere in there. But the story we’re most interested in is what happens afterwards. We’ve already gotten the piece of the story where the chamber is made, but will only fit one. We know what happens (sword fighting, whilst holding a baby), but the back-story? Geppetto is the one who is asked to make the chamber. He agrees, but the only condition is if Pinocchio is able to go along. The fairy agrees, and tells Charming and Snow that only one (when in reality it’s two) can enter the chamber. All of that changes when Snow gives birth early. The fairy informs Geppetto that the deal is off, because Emma will need guidance in the new world. Yet, Geppetto won’t have it. He continues with sending Pinocchio to the other world, giving him the task of looking after Emma… Yeah, wasn’t a wise decision to send a seven-year-old to look after a baby, because when they arrive? Temptation gets the better of him.


“You’re saying that I am responsible for everyone’s happiness? That is crap! I didn’t ask for that, I don’t want it!” -Emma (Jennifer Morrison)

A custody battle, a fight to reveal the truth, and a scheming Regina (Lana Parilla)? Talk about drama! Emma is taking new lengths to ensure that she gets custody of Henry (Jared Gilmore). She seeks help from Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle), but he ultimately declines, because of August’s master plan to get Emma to believe. Thus beginning his story. It turns out that August was the one to find Emma after she had been transported into the new universe. I mean, it makes complete sense, seeing as he was transported through the same chamber. He reminisces on the events leading up to his leaving, and why he only has a short amount of time left. The writers touched every detail, and answered our most burning questions in the most interesting way possible. And, although Emma tried not to believe, it is obvious that she does. What she’s willing to do with this knowledge? Run? Perhaps, but I’m hoping by season’s end, she’ll come to terms with her situation.

And I have to talk about this! Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) confronting Regina? I’m happy to say that a little bit of Snow is finally showing! Yet, between the threats of Mary Margaret, Emma, and Henry, Regina was bound to go to another approach. Enter David (Josh Dallas) being all too chivalrous. After the harsh words from Henry, Regina took it upon herself to put the moves on David. I have to say, I was utterly mortified. It was horrid. I just… I can’t. Props to Regina, though. What I love about Regina is that she’s so undeniably witty. She always manages to think outside the box, and she always has a backup plan. I love to hate her… And I hate to love her.

Wow! Everything that happened during this episode… It was a mass amount of information to process, and I have no idea where this show could go by its season finale! I have so many hopes and theories. That’s the amazing thing about this show! It always keeps you guessing. Only one more episode until the season finale… I think it’s safe to panic!



  • Favorite moment?
  • Thoughts on Emma leaving town with Henry?
  • Were you surprised by August’s story?
  • Did the Regina/David scene make you cringe?
  • Any theories?
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  1. You are the only reviewer to echo my thoughts, that Emma does know by now that the curse is real. She chooses not to believe it because then she would have to embrace her role as savior. I don’t find it strange that she would reject this role, because we now know that every person who should have protected her failed to do so, except her parents who were duped into sending her alone into a strange world with only a 7 year old boy for protection. I don’t blame the 7 year old from running away, but I do blame the man for not seeking her for 18 years.

  2. Excellent review. Thank you! My favorite moment was Prince Charming walking away from the evil queen. Ha! Henry will never let Emma leave…neither will Storybrooke. I’m always surprised by the entire show! The show’s writers do a superb job. It’s one of the few shows I do watch.

  3. I’m still wondering how the show can continue after Emma believes… but I’m getting so angry at her for not believing already that I don’t know how much longer I can wait for it! 🙂


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