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‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Shape Shifted

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Shape Shifted


Is everyone alright after that intense episode of Teen Wolf? As a special treat, fans were able to have two parts to the season premiere. Part 1 was a lot to handle, but part 2 eased in a bit better. That’s not to say that there weren’t a few jaw-dropping moments. During this episode, a full moon brought out more than just the werewolves.

“With me you learn how to use all of your senses. With me you learn control… Even on a full moon.” -Derek (Tyler Hoechlin)

‘Shape Shifted’ was mainly focusing on Isaac’s (Daniel Sharman) story. It was pretty evident by the end of part 1 that Isaac was a werewolf, but now we have a bit more information on why he wanted to be one. It is revealed that Isaac is abused by his dad at home. The first few minutes of the episode showed us just how cruel his dad was… That didn’t last long, because karma caught up to him. Isaac’s dad was killed by something in a very, very unpleasant way. It draws many questions, because Isaac claimed to not have done it. If the murder of his dad wasn’t enough, he was also victim, along with many other lacrosse players, to Scott’s (Tyler Posey) odd schemes. Let’s just say that most werewolves do not wear Armani cologne. His father’s death has now caused hunters, police, and the scooby gang to be fast on his trail. Poor Isaac, he’s too gorgeous to have to deal with this stuff. Nonetheless, it’s still a full moon, which means that there will be plenty of creatures on the loose, so Scott must act fast. For a lone wolf, Scott honestly handles everyone’s problems. Human, werewolf, hunter, whatever Lydia (Holland Roden) is, etc.

Speaking of Lydia, though… I have a theory after last night. As Scott was busy cleaning up the mess Isaac got into, Allison (Crystal Reed) came face-to-face with the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I have no clue what it is (maybe a shape shifter?), but I have a feeling it’s Lydia. Whatever Lydia is going through, it’s obviously different from what Scott went through. So, I’m almost positive that she isn’t a werewolf. But whatever attacked Allison. It was seemingly bald and looking black and slimy… Not to mention it had a tail. In part 1, Lydia was in the shower, when the water turned a disgusting color of black, and there was a lot of hair in the drain. My guess is, that creature has something to do with her. (I feel like it IS her, but wouldn’t that be too easy?) The black in the drain was the same color as the creature, and the hair in the drain links to the creature being bald. Everything that you see on screen has a meaning behind it, and that’s what I’m linking it to… For now.

I have to say, I liked this episode more than ‘Omega.’ Partly, because it wasn’t as confusing, and partly because it had a few funny scenes in it. One thing about this season that I can already tell, it will be filled with questions and theories. With so much happening, and so many plot holes, guessing will be inevitable. Not complaining, though, because I enjoy audience involvement with shows. Although we’re slightly closer to finding out more information on Lydia and Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) state, we still have a long ways to go. Luckily, ‘Shape Shifted’ is on the right track.

The new title sequence is badass. I absolutely love it!

Extra sidenote:
More Derek and Stiles scenes, please. But really, how did Derek manage to get to the back? I understand distracting, but going to the prison cells? Was she THAT influenced? I’m thinking he had to resort to punching the lady at the front desk…



  • Favorite moment?
  • Any theories for the show so far?
  • What will happen to Jackson?
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