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‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Ice Pick

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Ice Pick


Season two of Teen Wolf is officially in full gear! If the two part premiere didn’t quite get you excited, ‘Ice Pick’ should have done the job! Between even more wolves invading town, to ice skating turned scary… This season is bound to be a rollercoaster ride. A roller coaster filled with an insanely attractive cast, might I add.

If this show knows anything, it’s how to add the creepiest feel to a scene. It starts off with Allison (Crystal Reed) casually getting gas late at night (horrible idea). Between getting the flirty eye from a stranger, to being gagged… You could say that she’s never visiting that gas station again. We see her tied up to a chair, in Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) house, while a proper disturbing voice over is playing. Across from her is her father, also tied up… Plot twist: it’s really a messed up father-daughter attempt. (When I was a kid, my dad just took me to the movies, not gagged me. But, okay Argent family.) Her training begins at that very moment, and it does not seem like it’s going to be pleasant.

I’m trying to figure out as many synonyms for ‘creepy’ or ‘disturbing’ as possible, because that’s really the only way to describe this episode. Throughout ‘Ice Pick,’ we see not only Lydia’s (Holland Roden) struggles, but also Scott’s (Tyler Posey). It’s become evident that whatever Lydia is going through isn’t going away easily. Her naked rampage in the forest is not easily forgotten. She’s having odd visions, mostly linking to Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). During this episode, she saw his feet (like I said, odd), she saw him looking in the school’s trophy case, and, while she was ice skating, she saw him trapped beneath the ice… Having a massive freak out, might I add. I understand that she was attacked, but the visions seem a bit too realistic? I have no clue where this could lead.

In other news, Scott is royally screwed. The reason being is that Derek has no boundaries. Derek is creating betas left and right, gearing up for a war that is bound to happen. Though Jeff Davis definitely captured my entire opinion on Derek’s arc this season in a tweet. Hubris. I feel like his obsession with control and power will ultimately lead to his downfall. That’s what I think will happen, but I’m hoping I’m wrong… Only because Tyler Hoechlin is a gem… A very attractive gem. But I’m off topic. Anyway, while Derek is creating his army, the Argent family is researching, to say the least. I have to mention this, because Allison’s entire family is just insane. To a new degree. After snooping in Allison’s room, her mother found the note Scott wrote her. This leads her mother to take a knife, and cut across her arm…. Just so she could chat with Scott’s mom at the hospital… I mean, isn’t that what book club is for? Well, as if Scott didn’t have enough problems, now Mrs. Argent is close on his tracks. Being an Omega wolf isn’t looking too well at the moment.

Besides my television repeatedly turning off because of a massive storm, I loved this episode! Teen Wolf is an epic show, with an equally epic cast. The only note I have is to bring in more funny scenes. The best parts, in my opinion, are the serious-yet-hilarious scenes. I understand it’s hard to bring in comedy, though, with all that’s happening this season. We’re only three episodes in, and so much is going on. Every character has its own story, which could be a good thing, or bad.



  • Favorite moment?
  • Thoughts on Derek’s story arc this season?
  • Thoughts on Lydia’s visions? Jackson lifting his truck?
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