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‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Restraint

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Restraint


Um, I’m still quite confused about that episode? So many holes, but it did keep me clinging on to my seat. As always, Teen Wolf delivered hilarious one-liners, cringe-worthy moments (in snake form), confusion, and shirtless locker room scenes! But one thing it failed to deliver? Answers to our questions!

This episode begins with semi-introducing two new characters. A husband and a pregnant wife living in a trailer. You think their life is hard enough, when suddenly the lights go out! Bad sign in supernatural TV-land. Even worse sign? The husband goes outside to inspect it, and runs into a hooded mystery person, who inevitably leads the man to his death by none other than the Kanima. Now, last week it was revealed that the Kanima has a master, someone who is forcing him to kill all of these people. But why? The scooby gang is wondering the same thing and sets out to figure it out. Sadly, Jackson (Colton Haynes) filed a restraining order on Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) after their kidnapping incident last week. Which leads to Allison (Crystal Reed) being the only one to get close to him. I’m guessing Jackson wasn’t in his right mind when Allison came to see him, because he ranted at her… Naked. This triggered Allison’s heart rate to increase (I mean, if Colton Haynes was naked and yelling at me, my heart would be jumping out of my chest!), and inevitably signal Scott to step in and kick some Kanima ass… Or the other way around. These actions resulted in Scott, Jackson, Allison, Stiles, Erica (Gage Golightly), and Matt (Stephen Lunsford) being stuck in detention with their awful teacher. During this short time, Erica reveals that Jackson’s parents died in a car crash a few days before Jackson was born (obviously false information somewhere), Jackson has a snake come out of his eye, he tears apart the whole library, temporarily paralyzes Matt and Erica, and threatens the scooby gang… And this is why teachers should be required to stay during detention hours. We’re still no closer to determining who the Kanima’s master is, nor do we have any clue about Jackson’s real parents. All I can link together is, his parents were murdered, and I’m guessing Allison’s grandfather had something to do with it… And their death had to be covered up somehow to have false information… My guess? Jackson’s real parents tried to cover up his supernatural history, so the same fate wouldn’t happen to him. There’s definitely more to the story, but I guess only time will tell.

Now on to the most confusing part of the episode… Lydia (Holland Roden). I have no way of even beginning to explain this, because I’m still confused. All I know is that Lydia has been having flashes of Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) lately. She has also had the eye of a cute boy from her school… Or so she thought. After meeting him at an abandoned house (which later turned out to be Derek’s old house), she is greeted by the mysterious boy (Michael Fjordbak), who turns out to be a young Peter Hale! So it’s safe to say that Lydia has reached full on looney-bin material. Everything that has happened with her was just Peter’s way of contacting her. The last shot we see is his dead body under the house, so I can only assume that Lydia’s immunity powers go deeper than we think, and that she has the power to revive the dead. Who knows, because I’m still completely confused, and I’m not even sure if my recap of what happened made sense. I’m just hoping that next week we get a more detailed explanation of what’s happening with Lydia, because what happened this week still has me, and possibly other fans, extremely stumped.

In all honesty, this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes of Teen Wolf. Although it had everything I loved, one-liners, naked Jackson, Lydia screentime– it still didn’t feel as though it delivered to its full potential. The snake scene, I have to say, looked horribly edited. Also, they could have explained Lydia’s situation a bit more. Besides that, it was a very enjoyable episode, and don’t get me wrong! I did like it, a lot, just not as much as past episodes.



  • Favorite moment?
  • Theories on Jackson’s family background?
  • Did you understand what happened with Lydia? And if so, explain!
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  1. They didn’t explain the Lydia thing that much because they want to keep you anticipated for the next episode, why don’t they have it your way, and answer all the questions in this episode? Because that would make their career end and it would make them stupid!!


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