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Home TV ‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Party Guessed
‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Party Guessed

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Party Guessed


A full moon and a birthday party? If you ask me, those don’t really seem like a good combination! In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, our newbie wolves gear up for the full moon, our scooby gang face their inner demons, the Argent family go through a tragic loss, an old villain is brought back, and the Kanima’s master is finally revealed! Talk about an excellent, intense, awesome, creepy episode! DirecTV and Viacom chose an excellent week to come to an agreement!

“The full moon’s coming, and the way things are going? I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a rough one.” -Derek (Tyler Hoechlin)

Where, oh where, to begin? I guess, we’ve come to realize that Peter Hale isn’t necessarily gone. He has chosen Lydia (Holland Roden) to take on the task of bringing him back. And what better place than at her birthday party? It’s usually the party of the year, but due to recent events (i.e running around town naked), it had a slow start. Soon after the party took off, guests began to do what many party goers partake in. Drinking. But seeing as this is a supernatural show, they had to throw something loopy in. Lydia spiked all the drinks at her party, forcing its guests to come face to face with their inner demons/fears. I have to say, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) had the most heartbreaking scene, in my opinion. He envisioned his dad blaming him for the death of his mother. Dylan O’brien broke my heart. He’s a snowflake, what more can I say. Allison (Crystal Reed) envisioned herself shooting herself with an arrow. Jackson (Colton Haynes) kind of saw his parents, but the most disturbing was Scott’s vision. He pictured Allison and the Kanima making out… A vision that, not only Scott, but the rest of the audience will probably never forget. *Shivers* Once they all realized what was going on, it was too late. The whole party was in chaos, and Lydia was nowhere to be found… Probably because she was too busy blowing her magic dust on unsuspecting, attractive alphas!

Derek, throughout the episode, was preparing his pack for the full moon. It got tough at times, but he managed to get it all under control. Until Lydia showed up. All she did was blow dust on him, and he was out! I suppose all that was needed to wake Peter Hale was moonlight, a sassy ginger, and the blood of an alpha. He’s officially back, and I have no clue what that means for our scooby gang. Believe it or not, this huge plot twist wasn’t even the most surprising/epic thing to happen during this episode.

Back at the party, Scott finally figures out who is controlling the Kanima. I guessed it in earlier weeks, and how they tied it all together made perfect sense. Matt (Stephen Lunsford) was thrown into the pool, and it was revealed that he couldn’t swim. This forced Jackson to save him, while he was being controlled. In an earlier episode, Stiles and Derek were trapped in the school’s pool. The Kanima refused to enter the water, which was strange. Now, we come to find out that it was because the master couldn’t swim. It was confirmed after everyone started fleeing the party. Scott saw Matt, looking like a proper badass, standing with the Kanima. This still raises a lot of questions. Why did he get Jackson to scratch him in the library? The master said that the people he’s killing, killed him… Is Matt dead? And why did he have all those stalker (yes, STALKER) photos of Allison? My only guess for the last one could be that Allison’s grandfather has killed a Kanima before… And maybe Matt’s trying to prevent that from happening to Jackson? Whoa, my head hurts! So many possibilities!

Epicness isn’t even enough for Jeff Davis. No, he has to throw in heartbreak too! Not only did we see another glimpse of Stiles’ vulnerable side, we also got a look inside the ice cold heart of Mrs. Argent (Eaddy Mays). I figured after the last episode, she was a goner anyway. I’m glad they took the root of her transitioning from the bite, instead of automatic death, though. Even though Mrs. Argent is possibly the scariest person on MTV, her death sequence brought tears to my eyes. She didn’t even get a proper goodbye from her daughter. Her farewell speech was beautiful, and when she had to go? Perfect cinematic timing. If that wasn’t enough, Allison getting the horrible news… It had me sobbing. Superb acting. Those two scenes in particular, I cannot praise enough. The writing and acting were both simply phenomenal. I know one thing’s for sure. Allison will not take this death quietly. Prepare for a war.

I have to say, that was a pretty outstanding episode! It had jaw dropping revelations, heartbreaking scenes, and a few plot twists here and there! Teen Wolf hasn’t disappointed me this season thus far! There are only a few episodes left, with a lot more holes to fill in. How will this season end?



  • Favorite moment?
  • Is Peter the Alpha again? Or will he need to kill Derek?
  • How do you feel about Matt being the Kanima’s master?
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  1. this def was an amazing episode:D… I loved how they showed the scene where we got to see Allison, Scott, Stiles and Jackson inner demons/fears, it def showed some character developed on those character. I have to say, Stiles had the most heartbreaking scene:(


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