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‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Fury

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Fury


It’s no surprise when an episode of Teen Wolf consists of revelations, death, heartbreak, and/or epic fight scenes. This week’s episode was definitely no exception! Between five characters being taken hostage, to an insane plot twist involving Gerard (Michael Hogan); I think it’ safe to say that ‘Fury’ was a massive game changer for this series. But it begs the question, how much is enough? Although this episode was extremely entertaining, it may have had too many things going on, making it hard to keep up.

1. The Five Hostages:

Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’brien) manage to convince Sheriff Stilinski that Matt is behind all of the murders… That doesn’t go over too well, because events quickly turn into a full on bloodbath. Matt and Jackson break in, resulting Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles, Derek, Scott and Mrs. McCall to become his hostages. If you’ve seen the episode, you know good and well that this doesn’t end well in the slightest.

2. Allison Taking Charge:

Not even a day after her mother died, and her Grandfather is already trying to manipulate her! Allison (Crystal Reed) has never necessarily been a weak character, but whatever fear or weakness she had before is certainly gone. With the death of her mother also came the death of ‘nice’ Allison. She wants revenge, and it’s quite obvious that she doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. Derek and his pack better watch their backs, there’s a new leader of the hunters.

3. Scott’s Secrets Revealed:

Poor Scott (Tyler Posey)! He’s always had it pretty hard, ever since receiving the bite. He’s had to live a secret life, constantly lying to his mother… Well, that won’t be a problem anymore! In order to save everyone (again, might I add), Scott had to change into his wolf state… In front of his mother. That’s definitely going to be an awkward conversation at dinner. Oh, and if that was enough, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) also found out that Scott joining his pack, was all a setup. Scott has been working with Gerard all along, in order to protect himself, and his mom. That will ALSO be an extremely awkward conversation later on.

4. The Death of the Master:

This was bound to happen. No surprise whatsoever, it was just a matter of when. Matt (Stephen Lunsford) was too crazy, and way too hostile to stay alive. He revealed to Scott, that all the people he forced Jackson to kill were all apart of his almost drowning… It’s quite ironic considering that his actual death, delivered by none other than Gerard Argent, was a drowning as well.

5: Gerard’s ‘Master’ Plan:

It’s been evident that since arriving in town, Gerard Argent has had a plan. We’ve been patiently awaiting to see what it is exactly, and we were finally given a few answers! Before, the audience saw him react to the Kanima. He wasn’t afraid. It turns out that becoming his master was the plan all along! With the Kanima by his side, he will be unstoppable. And the ‘war’ that was hinted at earlier this season? I think it’s closer than we think. The ‘Advisor’ also hinted that Peter awakening is probably part of Gerard’s plan too. Between this and the things I mentioned prior, my head is spinning!

I must say, I did enjoy this episode. The EP, Jeff Davis, has an extraordinary way of telling his story. He delivers answers, but doesn’t give it all away in one setting, leaving the audience wanting more. I truly respect that. Though, there comes a time when all the unanswered questions get piled up, and it all becomes too much. This was one of those occasions. This episode had too many things going on, leaving less time for actual story. Too many huge reveals, but I guess, with only three episodes remaining this season, they had to fit it in somewhere. One positive side to this, is that it opens up various possibilities for the remaining bit of the season. I honestly cannot wait!



  • Favorite moment?
  • What else does Gerard have planned?
  • How does Peter fit into all of this?
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