Keanu Reeves to Play John Wick in ‘Ballerina’

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is reportedly starring as John Wick in the upcoming Ballerina spinoff from the John Wick franchise. The film is currently in pre-production in Prague. Ana de Armas will star as the lead, playing a young female assassin.

Reeves, 58, is on location, according to a recent story from Collider. However, it’s unknown if he’s simply making a cameo or if he will have a larger role in the movie.

What is confirmed is that Reeves John Wick co-star Ian McShane will reprise his role as Winston, the manager of The Continental Hotel. One of the film’s producers, Basil Iwanyk, released a comment on Shane’s casting, saying, “We’re thrilled to have Ian McShane joining us for a pivotal role in Ballerina.”

“He’s been such an integral part of the franchise since the original ‘John Wick.’ It’s been fun to have him on this journey as the Wick universe expands.” Iwanyk adds.

The film is being directed by Len Wiseman and is based on Shay Hatten’s screenplay.

Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne
Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The John Wick Universe Is Expanding

Since the first John Wick movie in 2014, the franchise has been led by Chad Stahelski. There’s been two additional blockbuster films, including 2017’s John Wick: Chapter 2 and 2019’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. And John Wick: Chapter 4 is scheduled for release in 2023.

Additionally, the John Wick universe also has two spinoffs in the works, including Ballerina, along with the limited series, The Continental, which will star Mel Gibson and Colin Woodell. The limited series is a prequel series which will focus on the titular hotel and Winston’s
early life.

It’s not currently known how Ballerina will fit into the overall timeline for John Wick. Though, it is possible that it will serve as a prequel. It could also be closer in timing to the upcoming fourth film.

When it comes to John Wick 4, we know that Reeves will reunite with his The Matrix and John Wick 2 (and 3) co-star, Laurence Fishburne, for the project. Additionally, McShane and Lance Reddick are also returning.

The film’s official description reads: “John Wick takes on his most lethal adversaries yet in the upcoming fourth installment of the series. With the price on his head ever increasing, Wick takes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Osaka to Berlin.”

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