Eddie Murphy To Appear On Top Model

The professor is in!

A CW source tells us exclusively that fans of America’s Next Top Model will see a certain famous someone they probably aren’t expecting on the Cycle 13 finale, which airs Nov. 18: Eddie Murphy.

So is the Beverly Hills cop turned nutty professor the latest guest star trying to fill Janice’s or Paulina’s shoes as a fourth judge?

Nope. But he may look like one.

A CW rep confirms that Murphy will be sitting with Tyra and Co. in the audince for the final runway, which will be a Julie Clancey fashion show. However, instead of judging, he will be there to cheer on his daughter, Bria Murphy, who will appear with the Top Model finalists in the show.

So which two Top Model contestants will be there at the very end? And who’s going to take home the win?

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