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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Premiere Review: Broken
‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Premiere Review: Broken

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Premiere Review: Broken


After months of dread, Once Upon A Time is finally back! Woohoo! Season two has a lot to live up to, because the first season of this series was epic beyond words! We’ve been through the thrills, heartbreak, and jaw dropping moments. Though, it was no surprise that this particular episode had a ton of baggage. ‘Broken’ was non-stop action… And it even had a cliffhanger that no one was expecting.

The Fairytale World:

“Love is sacrifice.” -Mulan

Introducing a new set of characters! Prince Phillip (Julian Morris), Sleeping Beauty AKA Aurora (Sarah Bolger), and Mulan (Jamie Chung)! Prince Phillip teamed up with the most badass princess in history to save Princess Aurora. After successfully awakening Sleeping Beauty from her cursed sleep, with none other than true love’s kiss, they were off on a dangerous journey. They come face to face with a Wraith (dementor) who, we come to find out, marks its victims, and takes their soul. Talk about frightening! We are led to believe that the three characters are safe from being marked, but sadly, Prince Phillip had picked up the necklace which is used to mark the Wraith’s victims. Being the noble man that he is, he leaves to keep Mulan and Princess Aurora safe… It backfires when they end up coming after him (because Mulan/Aurora are in love him. Can’t blame them… It IS Julian Morris we’re talking about.) Regardless, the Wraith comes, and takes his soul. I have to say, Mulan and Aurora should win the most useless award, because they went into the forest to help him, and failed…. Misably. They just stood back. Oh well, now they have an even greater obstacle to deal with. Emma and Snow.


“I will find them. I will always find them.” -Charming

Talk about a confusing plot! I have no clue where to begin! First off, we see a man who I have no clue who he could be. A pigeon flies to his window and gives him a postcard from Storybrooke with ‘broken’ written on the back. Now, my guess is that this man is either Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) dad or Mr. Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) son, but I really have no clue. Once we get back to Storybrooke, we are greeted with a reunion that honestly made me tear up a bit. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), Charming (Josh Dallas), Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and even Henry have a quick exchange of hugs. Snow and Charming, along with everyone else in Storybrooke, now has their memory back. The family reunion is short lived, because not everyone is as happy about the most recent events. Cue angry mob at Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) house. Lucky for her, Emma is a nice person and tries to help her out… By locking her up. Not entirely the best plan, because Mr. Gold decided to take measures into his own hands, despite Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) wishes. Mr. Gold marks Regina with the Wraith’s talisman, giving Regina only so much time before the Wraith comes after her. Usually Regina would be able to handle herself, but it is revealed that magic has a different way of working here… Which puts Regina’s fate into the Madhatter’s hat, Charming, Snow, and Emma’s own hands. If I was Regina, I would be kissing Henry’s feet, because if it wasn’t for him being the best son imaginable, Regina would be all on her own… Which inevitably happens. Once the gang lures the Wraith to them, they try to get the mad hatter’s hat to work… It seems hopeless until Emma gives it a try. It works and it sucks in the Wraith. Yay! Oh, but not before taking Snow and Emma with it. Most depressing moment during this episode. Now, it’s up to Henry and Charming to find them! But how?

I absolutely LOVED this episode! Once Upon A Time is an extremely phenomenal show, and it never disappoints. It had so much to live up to, but delivered ten-fold! ‘Broken’ may have been a bit fast paced, but as always, the writers tied everything together nicely. This episode managed to balance out suspense, light moments, heartbreak, and thrill. I think it’s safe to say that this season will be extraordinarily epic. Magic is definitely coming, and I’m excited to see how much of a mess it’ll cause!



  • Favorite moment?
  • Who is Dr. Whale?
  • How did Mulan, Prince Phillip, and Sleeping Beauty get to the other world outside of Storybrooke?
  • What is going to happen with Snow and Emma?
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  1. That’s an interesting thought! I have a feeling he’s going to be someone that no one expects! Probably going to be a major game changer! 🙂

  2. Hey guys, I have never seen an episode of this show. How do you think an average male would like it? I love Grimm – it’s become one of my favorite shows – but not sure if this has the same tone or is way different. Thanks!

  3. Hey jmcharries!
    I honestly think that anyone would like this show. It appeals to different demographics. It may have ‘girly’ themes (love, family, etc), but it also has an excellent plot that will keep you interested, and it has a massive amount of action. I say give it a try! Watch the first few episodes of season one, and tell me what you think. 🙂

  4. It’s definitely way different than Grimm – even though it too deals with fairy tales. I would say that Once probably appeals to females more so than males (in comparison to Grimm) – but that being said – I know a ton of males that watch it. And all those males were Lost fans. Since Once has the Lost writers attached to it – and Lost easter eggs throughout the series – I would say it’s definitely something you should check out if you liked that series. 🙂


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