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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Premiere Review: Growing Pains
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Premiere Review: Growing Pains

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Premiere Review: Growing Pains


Ahhh! The countdown is officially over, because The Vampire Diaries is back! The season premiere wastes absolutely no time at all! They throw information at us exceedingly! My head is still spinning! We all thought that we would get a few answers during this episode… Nope. Not a chance. It’s going to be extremely hard for me to review this episode, because I’m not entirely certain of all aspects. Let’s discuss.

“You would have gotten to grow up and have the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved! And I know that I used to not get that, but I do now, and I wanted that for you, Elena. And I would have gladly given it to you and let Matt die, because I am that selfish.” -Damon (Ian Somerhalder)


Elena (Nina Dobrev) is going through a very tough transition. There are many parallels, and a mention, of Vicky (Kayla Ewell). The audience comes to find out that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is trying to find a way to keep Elena human, which has never been done in vampire history, so it’s a long shot. Yet, seeing as Elena is extremely optimistic, despite the fact that she just ‘died’ on the same bridge her parents did, she waits to feed. What I don’t understand is, if Elena is so torn up about being a vampire, and she so desperately does not want to be one, why doesn’t she just refuse to feed? It’s obvious that if Bonnie’s plan falls through, she has every intention to complete the transition. This small detail lessens the suspense of trying to save her, because in the end, she has life or eternal life.

Next, we see our first real glimpse of Michael Trevino’s portrayal as Klaus. Yes, the British accent was lacking, but the overall performance was phenomenal. Trevino is so underrated, because his talent truly knows no bounds. Okay, enough with the fangirling. Moving on. We start to see my personal favorite part of the transition process with Elena; the recollection of memories. We see Elena walk in on one of the most memorable scenes of season 2. ‘Rose,’ when Damon told Elena he loved her, and then compelled her to forget.

Finally, we get to see Rebekah (Claire Holt)! Of course she is grieving over her seemingly deceased brother. It’s actually pretty heartbreaking, Holt always tugs at my heartstrings. Oh, but it’s just like Damon to barge in on an intimate moment, and completely ruin it! After trying to stake Rebekah for what she did, someone else beat him to the punch! Okay, what is up with those wierd police guys?! They captured Stefan, Rebekah, and Caroline (Candice Accola). They’re pretty hardcore psychopaths. I’m honestly concerned about our favorite vampires!

“Hear me, loved ones! Soon you will be free to pass through the gates, and we’ll all reunite in eternity. Friends, we are the beginning.” -Psycho Pastor

Talk about foreshadowing among epic proportions. Well, this random priest guy is apparently friends with Elena’s family, but he feels the need to lock her up. Keep in mind, she still has not had a single drop of blood. She is still in transition, and she’s pretty close to biting it. (Horrible pun)

Cue Bonnie and her witchy juju. Now, this part confused me massively. I understand that Bonnie was using very powerful dark magic… But when her Grams (Jasmine Guy) came back to warn her, what did she exactly mean by being stuck? Bonnie ends up not being able to help Elena, but Klaus pressures her to use dark magic again to put him back into his proper body…. I kind of had a feeling she wouldn’t listen to her, because well… It’s Bonnie we’re talking about. Well, there were definitely consequences. The spirits end up taking their anger out on Grams… And after that, I’m utterly lost. Based off of the pain Bonnie showed, I have a feeling that the writers might be going into a Buffy, dark Willow, direction… At least I hope!

Finally, after almost dying, Rebekah and Stefan team up to get Elena blood… And they succeed! We finally get our first look at vamp Elena (and her first act of vampirism? Kicking Damon’s ass. A+) One thing just didn’t add up, though! How did Stefan, Elena, and Rebekah end up getting out of their cages? And wouldn’t Elena be weak, seeing as she transitioned in a cage filled with vervain smoke? Forget logic.

In the last five minutes, we see Elena confront Damon about all his compulsion on her. I’ll be honest, I loved this scene, but I’m hoping that the writers will bring this topic up again in the near future. Also, how is Damon going to cope with Elena and Stefan inevitably being back together. I just don’t think he’s giving up on her yet. Oh, and special mention to the psycho priest who torched the building with his followers in it! Still. So. Confused.

What. Just. Happened! Talk about a season opening! Yes, it was confusing as hell, but its fast paced nature kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire hour long period! Many questions have come up, as well as debates. I’ll be honest, I loved this episode, but the fact that many things were left hanging just didn’t sit well with me. I’m sure all of our questions will be answered, then proved false, and then answered again… But all in due time!



  • What happened to Grams?! Is Bonnie okay?
  • How is Elena going to cope with being a vampire?
  • What was up with that wacked-out priest?!
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  1. the psycho pastor storyline i did not understand at all. who were the people in the house? why did he blow the house up (with him in it)?

  2. I think that’s going to be the overarching storyline for this season. Which almost takes it in a cult-like direction – which I think could be very interesting. We’ve seen those mass deaths before from religious groups. Like with that Heaven’s Gate group that killed themselves to follow Hale–Bopp comet. I’m guessing it’s going to be something like that… maybe killed themselves to be able to fight the vampires from the other side? Either way, I’m sure it will play a large role in season 2. 🙂


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