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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Memorial
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Memorial

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Memorial


It’s another week filled with twists, turns, and tear-jerking moments! As always, The Vampire Diaries delivers all of the aspects that I just stated, and maybe even a little more. To be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure how much I like this episode. I felt as though the beginning was a bit much for me, but towards the end, it started to tie together a bit. Nonetheless, still a fabulous episode, but there is still a lot to discuss!

‘Memorial’ mostly centers around Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) struggle to cope with her new found vampirism. Stefan (Paul Wesley) feels she should go straight to animal blood, while Damon (Ian Somerhalder) feels that Elena should experience the bloodlust, so that she’ll know how to control it. Honestly, I felt this was redundant. We have already spent three seasons figuring out what animal blood can do to a vampire. Stefan was the prime example! Yet, we had to sit through Elena trying animal blood, it not working, and her initially almost exposing herself in front of everyone. Of course Damon’s idea was more accurate, but one thing that I did not agree with was the fact that he took advantage of the situation. If you’re a fan of the books, you would know that two vampires feeding off of each other is pretty intimate. Damon offering that alternative to Elena was selfish in my opinion. He knew what was going on, but instead used it as an opportunity to move in on his brother’s girl. All in all, both brothers are not fitted to help Elena cope with her vampirism, because both of their judgements are clouded.

During this episode, we were also introduced to two interesting characters. April (Grace Phipps) who is brought in because of her father dying in the explosion that I still do not understand fully. Also, we are introduced to the badass of the season, a hunter, Connor (Todd Williams). Throughout the episode, the audience realizes just how serious this new hunter is. First off, he shot Tyler (Michael Trevino) without a moments hesitation. It’s obvious that this guy has many tricks up his sleeve! Secondly, he isn’t afraid to kill the innocent. He stabbed April, knowing that she wasn’t a supernatural creature. And for what? Just to lure out vampires. Now, I think we can all admit that Alaric (Matt Davis) wasn’t the best vampire hunter. We haven’t really seen a hunter with this much resent or skill. To be honest, I love Connor! He’s extremely dangerous, and I have a feeling that he won’t be killed easily. Definitely one of the major threats this season. The question is, is he bad enough to take on Klaus or another Original vampire? I’m really curious to find out more about this character. My theory is that he’s linked with ghosts somehow. The writing on his bullets wasn’t witchcraft, but maybe something spiritual? Jeremy (Steven McQueen) could see some type of tattoo on him, that no one else could… Jeremy sees dead people, but no one else can, so that’s the only way for me to link this! The possibilities are endless!

Honestly, the last ten or so minutes of the episode really made it for me. The lighting of the lanterns was an extraordinary touch that brought in a more emotional tie to the characters that we’ve already become so attached to. It reminded the audience of all the loss that our protagonists, as well as ourselves, have faced throughout these past seasons. It also reminded us that Damon has a hard exterior, but that he still has a heart. He cares for things. Yet, it was hard for me to feel bad for him! Yes, his speech at the end at Alaric’s grave was touching, but we were also reminded of Stefan losing Lexi (Arielle Kebbel). Stefan also lost his best friend because of Damon. How are we supposed to feel bad for him after that?

In conclusion, I liked the episode a lot! No, it wasn’t my favorite, or in my top five, but it was a great episode nonetheless. The addition of the new hunter was a great choice. He is sure to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans this season, and the fact that Elena is a new vampire with a hunter of such great ability on her tail, is frightening. My hopes as of now are for Elena to become more likable, for Caroline (Candice Accola) to help her with her vampirism, and for some of our questions to be answered!



  • What was your favorite moment during this episode?
  • What is up with the new hunter and his tattoos?
  • What does this mean for Elena in regards to her feeding?
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  1. i was reading somewhere that you know the weird trading cards of the cast that was posted. the one of jeremy he has the same tattoos on his arm that conner had in this episode (the one that only he could see).


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