Castle: Season 5, Let’s Review, Shall We?

Hello Castle fans! I am assuming you are fans, if you aren’t you should be! This is a great show, part crime drama, part romance, and part comedy; wrapped in a neat package complete with a great cast!

This is a new adventure for me (writing a review) so I thought we might start out with a overview of the season to this point.

Season 4 ended with Kate Beckett (Stana Katie) showing up at Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) front door and declaring her “intentions” (“I want you”). The first episode of Season 5, “After the Storm”, opens with the morning after. Castle all but shoves Beckett into his closet when his mother, Martha (Susan Sullivan), knocks on his bedroom door. This was a totally hilarious scene, and it sets the mood for this new aspect of their relationship. I have to say, I am thrilled that Beckett amd Castle finally got together, and I am looking forward to watching this relationship progress. I was beginning to worry that the writers were going to continue to string us along with the sexual tension until the final episode of the final season (which I hope is still years away). We have all seen this happen before, and it is always a huge let down to me. Also, I really like the “less is more” approach when it comes to the love scenes. We know what happened, I don’t think we need to see it. The focus is less on the bedroom and more on the relationship, and the balancing act between work and play.

Another problem that they will need to overcome, how to keep the relationship strong and keep it a secret. Beckett got her job back, and of course, coworkers are not allowed to date. And since Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) doesn’t really like Castle anyway, they have to be careful in public so they can continue to work together. In “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder” we get our first taste of how difficult this is going to be. The team is investigating the murder of a local weather girl, and while at the station Castle runs into the entertainment reporter, Kristina Coterr, and she ropes him into an interview. During the interview, she asks if Castle is single, when he says yes, she asks him out. Beckett is watching from the lobby and is telling him “Say no, say no”. Of course, he says yes. Can’t blame him really, he wouldn’t be Castle if he turned down a date with a beautiful woman! The plan is to take her out to a nice restaurant complete with photo op. Only, that isn’t her plan. One thing leads to another (including Castle butt-dialing Beckett) and Beckett ends up kicking in Castle’s front door, gun drawn, and finding Castle flat on his back on the couch being mauled. See where this is going?? It is bound to be difficult, and funny as heck!

Now, what about Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever)? At the end of season 4, Esposito was furious with Ryan for ratting him and Beckett out to the Captain (for their own good, of course) which results in Esposito being suspended and Beckett quitting. It should be noted that Beckett isn’t upset with Ryan, but she is a woman and we tend to be more understanding when a friend betrays us and then saves our life. Esposito is not so forgiving, but he finally comes around in “Cloudy” when Ryan takes a punch for him. So, the boys are back on track and all is well. I am happy about this, they are good friends and it should stay that way.

In “Murder, He Wrote” CasKate (Castle + Kate…like Brangelina only way cooler!) Take off for a secret weekend in the Hamptons. Castle claims to be going up alone to write, while Beckett says she is going out of town with her new boyfriend, whose identity she will not share with the boys. Of course, Ryan and Esposito can’t let that go, so they start digging to find out who her new man might be. Meanwhile, CasKate’s weekend is interrupted when a dying man staggers up and falls into Castle’s pool. Of course, even though it isn’t their case, Castle can’t resist “helping” in the investigation. Beckett tries to stay under the radar, especially when Ryan and Esposito get involved by phone. But we see it coming, don’t we? By the end of the episode Ryan has figured it out and now he is trying to convince his partner to drop it. Something tells me he won’t though….

Did I say earlier that the Captain Gates doesn’t like Castle? Well, she did for a short time in “Secret’s Safe with Me”. This episode involved the murder of twins and the purchase of a storage unit. In this unit (which Castle purchased) is a very ugly, very collectible doll that the Captain has been searching for years. She is over the moon, right up until Castle smashes not one but 2 of her precious dolls (the first wasn’t the one he gave her, but one she brought from home) in order to find the clue that solves the case. So, he is back in the doghouse again, and I don’t think he will ever get out.

Okay, I think that covers our central characters to this point. I am looking forward to next week’s installment, in which rumor has it Castle is accused (framed??) of murder. I can’t wait!!

Share with us your thoughts on Castle so far this season!

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  1. Great write-up! I thought Caskett was an awesome nickname for them as well. It’s been a fun season so far and I like how they’re playing the relationship between Castle and Beckett. This is still by far my favorite show and it’s pretty much the only show I am watching right now. 🙂

  2. Pam, I stand corrected. Thank you (sincerely) for making sure I don’t continue to make that mistake. This writing thing is brand new to me and I am terrified of screwing up. The net is forever and not very forgiving.

    Andrew, thanks for the positive reinforcement. I need it. I really love this show and I am looking forward to lots of reviews! 🙂

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