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Home TV ‘Once Upon A Time’ Review And Recap: The Doctor
‘Once Upon A Time’ Review And Recap: The Doctor

‘Once Upon A Time’ Review And Recap: The Doctor


Just when you thought that there couldn’t be anymore worlds involved in Once Upon A Time, there’s another new episode! This week, Once Upon A Time is bringing in someone less than likely to be considered a fairytale character. That’s right, after a season’s speculation, we finally figure out who Dr. Whale (David Anders) is! Not only that, we get to see Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) in a not-so comfortable state with Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), Mulan (Jamie Chung), and Aurora (Sarah Bolger). One thing’s for sure, my favorite story of all time was partially told during tonight, and I was pleasantly impressed!

“No, not magic. Science.” -Victor Frankenstein

The Fairytale World (Past):

Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is at it again! We are taken back to see Rumple trying to train Regina, but she is still not quite the Evil Queen yet, making it very hard. He ends up dumping her as a student, because she won’t let go of her past. Her main reason for studying magic is to bring back Daniel (Noah Bean), her true love. Rumple claims it cannot be done, but Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) believes otherwise. Cue Dr. Frankenstein (Which was revealed at the end, but come on. Everyone knew by then.)! He claims that he has something stronger than magic at his side: Science. Yet, he leads Regina to believe that his attempt at bringing Daniel back was a bust, but in reality, it was destined to fail. Turns out that Rumple hired him to raise Regina’s spirits, only to crush them, being the final step in turning her into the Evil Queen we know now. One question I have is, why was Rumple so hell-bent on having Regina as a student? I’m guessing he could tell how powerful she could be, but his persistence is peculiar.

The Enchanted Forest:

I was wondering how these four were doing after their noted absence during last week’s episode! Turns out, not so well! On their way back to the village, they come across a town that was slaughtered by Cora (Barbara Hershey). Every person had their hearts ripped out, but one… Hook! His beautiful face was confronted by Emma, who did not believe a word of what he was telling them. He claimed that Cora killed everyone, and that he hid under all of the dead bodies to avoid being killed (which was obviously a lie). Well, that lie almost got him killed by Ogres! Instead he switched sides and ended up telling everyone the truth… And offering a deal. He offered to help them get to Storybrooke in exchange for a lift there himself. I totally approve of this, because that means we get to see more of him. Let’s face it, he’s 1000% better (and probably more helpful) than Aurora. I guess him tagging along will have to do until we get that spin-off…


It’s alive! It’s alive! Regina (Lana Parrilla) is doing so well with her break from magic… Until Dr. Whale decides to bring back her one true love! In the end, Regina makes the choice to destroy Daniel (or turn him into dust, I’m still not sure…). To be honest, I feel like Lana Parrilla had a hard task. She had to make the audience feel for her, even after all the wrong that she has done. She did a very great job, but it was still pretty tough for me to feel sympathetic towards her. I mean, she has caused so much pain, that when she gets a taste of what she dishes, how can you feel bad for her?

I’m not going to go into detail about the final minute of Once Upon A Time, only because it’s such a common story, that I feel everyone will most likely know. Plus, I’m still unaware as to where this story took place. Regardless, I LOVED this episode. Frankenstein is definitely my favorite story, and I was surprised to see the creators of OUAT telling this story. Now, they have brought in a highly speculated aspect. Science vs. Magic (Faith). Brilliant. There is really no telling where this addition could lead. Hopefully the writers will come back to this.



  • What land is Frankenstein from?
  • Who is his brother? (If you’re familiar with the story, Victor’s creation never had a name. It was only known as ‘The Monster’… And it wasn’t his brother either! Hm.)
  • Do you think that opening a portal between the two worlds is smart?
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