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Home TV ‘Revenge’ Recap And Review: Forgiveness
‘Revenge’ Recap And Review: Forgiveness

‘Revenge’ Recap And Review: Forgiveness


In last week’s Revenge, we learned that Amanda’s mother tried to kill her when she was a child. We don’t yet know why.

This week episode of Revenge started off in a flashback where young Amanda is drowning, and her father, David Clarke, comes to rescue her. He performs CPR on Amanda while her mother, Kara, emerges from the water (Making it look like she was trying to kill Amanda and herself at the same time). David warns Kara to get away from Amanda.

Emily wakes up from this dream/memory. She has been sleeping on the couch next to Aiden. She looks at him and says, “Don’t let it go to your head, I needed someone and you where here.”

Aidan tells Amanda that her father was trying to protect her from the truth about her mother, and he also informs her that Gordon Murphy was Kara husband.

Next we see Victoria cutting roses at her home. The maid approaches and says, “There is someone here to see you.”

Victoria turns around to see Kara. Kara comes up to Victoria and gives her a hug and both of their facial expressions are priceless.

Victoria and Kara Clarke begin talking about how the FBI took Victoria hostage a couple months ago, but Kara seems not believe Victoria’s story.

At Grayson Global, Aiden is talking to Conrad about Takeda investment in the company. The conversation gets interrupted by a phone call that Conrad takes. It’s Victoria, and she tells him that Kara is alive, and that she might also be the source of the journals, the videos, and everything else.

Declan at the bar cleaning up when Kenny walks in. Kenny gives Declan a card and tells him that this guy can help him out – he’s quick and cheap. Kenny states that he helping out, because he wants his money back from what Declan stole.

Back at the hospital, Emily holding Amanda’s baby when Kara walks up asks where Emily is taking her grandson. The two start talking about Amanda as a child when Mason Treadwell walks up and starts questioning Kara.

Emily offers Kara a ride back to the Grayson’s.

When we return to Emily’s house, Aiden walks in and hears a phone ringing. He finds the phone in the desk; it’s Kara calling. Emily tells Aiden not pick up. Aiden doesn’t answer. Before leaving, Aiden also tells Emily that the CFO at NolCorp is asking about David’s investing into the the company.

Back over at the Grayson’s, Victoria is looking for a something under the bed when Mason walks in; he wants the truth.

Kara walks in to Amanda’s room and tells her that she understands that she wants nothing to do with her. She also tells Amanda how she was sick for a long time, and how she wasn’t in control of her actions. Emily was listening outside the room crying along. Amanda tells Kara she forgives her.

At the end of the episode, Mason walks up to Amanda and says he knows she got a scar from a fire she was in during foster care. Amanda says she had it removed and then asks him why he cares. Manson tells her he knows she’s not the daughter of Kara and David Clarke, leaves her with a folder, and then walks away.

Next week episode title is “The Mighty will Fall”. The title says a lot.

What did you think of this week’s Revenge?



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