‘Heroes’ Is Killing Off Adrian Pasdar

As I have been teasing for weeks, Heroes is killing off a major character later this season.

The death is a huge twist for the show so I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for you, but now that another outlet has leaked the secret, it’s time for me to reveal the truth:

Adrian Pasdar’s Nathan Petrelli is the major character death happening on Heroes this season, and no, he wasn’t told he was getting fired, he learned about it from a script.

But what about reports from fellow Heroes castmembers that the Petrelli brothers were definitely safe?

After Heroes star Greg Grunberg recently told a radio station that Nathan and Peter weren’t the Heroes death, I doubled back with my source and he confirmed, “I know Adrian is getting killed off and was pissed about it because they didn’t tell him…Greg could be talking about another death but I think he’s probably covering and throwing fans off.”

And of course, Greg certainly doesn’t want to meet the same fate!

What do you think of the news that Adrian Pasdar is being killed off Heroes for good? Shocking since he’s one of the major original players? Or, in the words of a certain Brazilian television aficionado I know: “Again? How many times have they killed that guy on that show?”

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