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Home TV ‘Merlin’ Recap and Review: 5.07 A Lesson In Vengeance
‘Merlin’ Recap and Review: 5.07 A Lesson In Vengeance

‘Merlin’ Recap and Review: 5.07 A Lesson In Vengeance


Dark themes are present once more in this episode of Merlin and more surprises. I’m loving this season because of it.

Arthur and queen Guinevere are celebrating their first wedding anniversary but not the two of them (as Arthur says in the first scene of this episode) but the three of them as Gwen reminds him. Merlin is with them. As the majority of husbands, Arthur didn’t remember it, and Gwen had to give him a clue. Everything seems to be nice and happy, but we instantly realize Gwen is acting weird.

Arthur, Merlin and the queen are attacked by some men, but Arthur with his sword-dexterity saves them all. A poor stable boy is accused of betraying the king by telling the mysterious attacking men where Arthur was. The poor boy proclaims his innocence, but nobody believes him. Merlin has doubts, though. He thinks someone else is involved in trying to kill the king, and he fears they might try again. Merlin speaks to the boy in his cell, and he tells him he saw something strange a few days ago – but they threatened to kill his mother if he told anything. He prefers to die rather than save himself and see his mother being killed. When Merlin tells all this to Arthur, Gwen seems nervous, and she prevents Arthur from going to speak with the boy himself. Merlin, as intuitive as ever, notices something is quite not right with the queen.

Next, we discover Gwen was the person the stable boy saw. He swears to her he hasn’t said anything, but Gwen kills him anyway. Here’s when I start to doubt if she’s really Guinevere or Morgana adopting her image. But, then, we see the two girls together meeting in the forest and talking about all that’s happened. They’re now allies…

Merlin starts to suspect Camelot is not a safe place for Arthur and asks Gwaine to protect the king. Morgana buys some tinture to poison the king. Meanwhile Arthur is finally realizing Morgana is behind all the attacks and all the weird things happening. He tells so to Gwen. Big mistake.

Merlin and Gaius go to investigate in the woods and find a piece of cloth. Merlin instantly notices it belongs to one of Gwen’s dresses. Arthur catches him when he’s inspecting the queen’s wardrobe, much needed (and missed by me) Merthur humor ensues.

Morgana, dressed as an old lady, gives the tinture to Gwen to end Arthur’s life. Gwen then goes and puts some drops into Arthur’s cup of wine. When Merlin discovers the truth, he runs to Arthur’s rooms to find him unconscious. Gwen blames Merlin of poisoning the king in front of Gaius and his knights. Arthur is dying although nobody loses hope he survives, well, except, for Gwen, of course, she is determined to end his life. As usual, only Merlin’s magic can save Arthur’s life. Gaius helps him get out of the cell he’s been confined and to transform into Emrys, the old Merlin. I love when he does that. After much trouble and Merlin returning to his original form, he gets inside Arthur’s room. We’re able to enjoy a beautiful scene when the young sorcerer puts his hands on the kings’ heart and brings him to life. We are reminded again of the boy’s bond.

This was another great episode of Merlin. The writers know how to keep us intrigued and wanting more. Lots of questions which, I’m sure, will be answered in the upcoming episodes.


  • What if he’s not safe here, what if Camelot is the most dangerous place where he could be.
  • Merlin, I would strongly recommend that you start showing a little less interest in Guinevere’s clothing and a little more interest in mine.
  • I am who I am and I am who I was and I am who I will always be.


  • Is this really Gwen or she’s been enchanted by Morgana?
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