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Home TV Merlin 5.09 Episode Recap And Review: With All My Heart
Merlin 5.09 Episode Recap And Review: With All My Heart

Merlin 5.09 Episode Recap And Review: With All My Heart


Another Merlin episode that starts in the darkness of the night where our queen is meeting Morgana to plan Arthur’s death and the destruction of Camelot… But this time, oh surprise!, Arthur knows and is spying on them.

Yes, Arthur and Merlin are there in the woods looking at Morgana and Gwen doing no good. Arthur is devastated and wants to kill her right there and then but Merlin convinces him she’s under a spell, and they can bring the real Gwen back.

Next morning, the awkwardness between the married couple is evident. Gwen asks Arthur what’s wrong and he gives her an excuse. She’s clever, though and suspects something is going on.

Gaius tells Merlin he thinks Gwen is under a very powerful enchantment practiced by the high priestesses of the old religion; Gwen’s will is forever bound to Morgana. But there is someone who can help them, the Dochraid. The problem is that Merlin has to disguise himself as Emrys because the ancient witch cannot be trusted and must not know Merlin’s true identity. The Dochraid is a scary creature and a smart one as well; she recognizes Merlin instantly and knows his motives for the visit. She refuses to help him but he tells her he’s not going to leave until he gets what he wants. She threatens him but Merlin yields Excalibur (so glad to see the magic sword again). The Dochraid finally tells him what he has to do to save Gwen from Morgana’s enchantment.

The task is not easy. Merlin has to summon the White Goddess and get Gwen to enter willingly in her Couldron.

I won’t explain what happens next. You gotta watch it. Some of the most hilarious scenes I have seen on the series. They include: Gaius, Merlin and Arthur trying to keep Gwen asleep and hidden from everybody in the castle and Merlin being a woman. Good comedic timing shown by all the actors.

Arthur and Merlin, carrying sleeping Gwen, ride to where the ritual is going to take place. But things don’t go as planned. The Dochraid sends a message to Morgana to inform her about the events. Merlin falls down and Arthur falls too when he tries to rescue him. Both are hurt. Everything seems lost but Mordred comes and saves them. Arthur proceeds to tell Mordred about their mission. Merlin doesn’t like it, he still doesn’t trust Mordred.

Morgana observes the three men walk to the destined place for the ritual and attacks them with her dragon. Mordred is left behind during the attack and confronts Morgana, she tries to convince him to join her as he’s also a sorcerer but Mordred is loyal to Arthur. He gets to escape and come back to the king.

Again, it’s better to watch the next scenes because they’re hilarious. Merlin has turned into a sorceress. Colin Morgan’s comedic skills are outstanding. The sorceress manages to do the ritual and Arthur’s love for Guinevere saves her.

I know I say the same each week but I absolutely loved the episode – The comedy, the wonderful work of all the actors, the scenes between Gwen and Arthur and their regained love, Mordred. And here lies my question: Is Mordred really loyal to Camelot or is he hiding something?

– Mordred: Just wanted you to know I’m always at your service.
– Gaius: Merlin, the only person who ever doubts your powers is you.
– Sorceress: One day, Great King, you will recognize the true worth of those that surround you.
– Mordred: You see, Merlin, we have something in common after all: the future of Camelot.


  1. I believe that Mordred really is loyal to Arthur and that right now he’s a good guy but Merlin’s distrust of Mordred may be a catalyst to making Mordred evil. But that’s just because every time Merlin tries to change fate, he always ends up making it happen some how.


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