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Home TV Merlin 5.11 Episode Recap And Review: The Drawing Of The Dark
Merlin 5.11 Episode Recap And Review: The Drawing Of The Dark

Merlin 5.11 Episode Recap And Review: The Drawing Of The Dark


I can say now that Merlin‘s season five is the best. It’s a real pity the series is ending. It has so much potential, the characters are fully developed and the plot is getting really interesting. Such an example of it is this episode, ‘The Drawing Of The Dark’.

It starts with the knights tracking the woods in search of something. They find an overturned carriage and their occupants dead. A hooded figure flees from the scene, and Mordred runs towards it. The figure falls when Mordred catches it. It’s a girl, and the knight seems to know her. Her name is Kara, and Mordred lets her go. Merlin sees it all, and his dislike for the knight increases. He tells Gaius about it, Gaius tries to convince him he’s wrong, and Mordred is a loyal knight, friend of Arthur. Meanwhile, the aforementioned knight is spying on them. When they exit Gaius’ lab, Mordred enters. He takes some potions and calls Kara telepathically.

Morgana has declared war on Camelot and the knights are getting ready. Mordred meets with Kara where she’s hiding, he cures her wound with the potions he’s taken from Gaius’ lab. It’s obvious they’re bound by something deep. She doesn’t understand him being a Camelot knight, and he tries to explain to her Arthur is good and, in time, he will allow the druids to use their magic. When he returns to the castle, Merlin interrogates him about where he’s been. They have a confrontation where Mordred tells Merlin all about Kara and makes him promise he’ll keep the secret. Great scene between Colin Morgan and Alexander Vlahos.

But Arthur suspects something is wrong and decides to track the woods again with Merlin. They find Kara’s hiding, and she’s there. She tries to stab Arthur, but Merlin saves him once again using his magic. They take her to the castle and jail her. Mordred, obviously, is not amused and blames Merlin. Another confrontation ensues, and Mordred swears to take revenge.

Kara is judged, accused of trying to kill the king and of being an ally to Morgana. She’s condemned to be hanged. Mordred visits her in her cell, he loves her and promises her he’ll speak with the king to change his mind. He goes into Arthur’s chambers, confesses he was the one who helped the girl and asks for forgiveness. Arthur tells him it’s not possible, that he has to do what’s right for Camelot’s citizens and for all. Here, he reminded me of Uther a lot. Mordred leaves broken-hearted and Merlin fears the worst.

Later, Mordred apologizes to Arthur and decides to leave taking Kara with him. Merlin tries to stop him so he goes and tells Arthur about Mordred’s plans.

I won’t narrate more. Watch the episode, because it is really worth it. I’ll just say one thing: you learn you can’t go against destiny, what’s written can’t be changed. We also discover Arthur is not his father as if we ever doubted it. In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes of the season, it prepares us for an absolutely epic ending.

‘The Drawing Of The Dark’ Quotes

  • Merlin: Arthur is blind to him, I’m not. I won’t make the same mistake.
  • Gwen: You have the strength and love of your people, Arthur. When you became king, you gave them something to fight for and that’s the more powerful weapon of all.
  • Kara: You’re a druid, you don’t belong in Camelot. Mordred: I believe in Arthur.
  • Kara: No matter what he preaches, he’s no different from his father: a tyrant, brute, he’s a Pendragon.


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